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  • Other websites/resources

    PhET simulators - there are SO many! HTML 5 sims are compatible with most devices. They even offer an app now. 

    Gravity Lab - remember the sim from class where you were able to make planets/object and get them to orbit? Here it is!

    Nasa - lots of neat videos, simulations, news, etc. 

    International Space Station live feed Speaking of the ISS, search your phone's app store for an ISS tracker. It will notify you when it will be visible from your location. Think about that - the ISS is the size of a football field, traveling at 17,5000 miles per hour, 250 miles above the Earth. With humans on board. And you can see it fly by! @astro_christina on Instagram was on the ISS, so check her feed for pictures from space. @astrodrewmorgan is currently aboard the ISS.

    If you have an Android device, download Sky Map for an interactive view of the night sky. It allows you to find and identify stars, planets, and more!