Graduations, Promotions, School Year, Testing, and College Resources

  • What is the plan for Graduations and Promotions?

    High School Graduation:

    All high school graduation video productions will premiere live on TVUSD’s YouTube Channel via the District and each high school’s website on Friday, June 5, 2020 beginning at 6:00 p.m. Check your high school website for the link and the dedicated graduation webpage which will be created late next week. In the meantime, you can share the school's main website with family and friends and plan your watch party.






    TVUSD District Website

    TVUSD's goal is to provide a high-quality and meaningful production to honor and recognize our senior class.

    Each high school will host virtual graduations that will closely mirror and memorialize the elements of the in-person graduations of the past as best possible. Each will include:

    • Introduction Music
    • Speeches and Performances
    • Graduate Presentation - Graduates will be scheduled to come to campus with up to two family members to receive their diploma on stage for their videotaped grad walk.  
    • Tassel Turn
    • Cap Toss

    *The alternative school’s graduation ceremony may vary slightly from the comprehensive graduations based on past practices.

    Each graduation will be created in a video format and scheduled for online publication via the school website, district website, Youtube, and City of Temecula Channel 3. To create a quality legacy video, the date of production has not yet been confirmed. We anticipate the productions will be available during the latter part of June and will not coincide with the District’s calendared graduation date of June 4, 2020.

    Each high school will have a dedicated webpage created with all graduation info and schedules posted. The high schools will independently coordinate dates and times for senior participation in virtual graduation in accordance with current state and county guidelines. Once each high school has provided the pick-up time for cap/gown items, virtual graduation activities will take place. The goal is to provide each senior the opportunity to walk across a stage and be filmed in their cap/gown with a photo op of them receiving their diploma cover (the actual diploma that goes inside the cover will be provided after all school-owned items are returned during senior check out). Yearbook distribution will also take place, although each high school plan will be adjusted to support their yearbook provider. The pick up of these items will be orchestrated to occur as the materials/products are received from various vendors by each school. All item pick-ups and coordination for virtual graduation will take place safely using county mandated practices. More specific information will be forthcoming as delivery dates and times become concrete, and communication can be sent out to senior students to coordinate these events.

    We will continue to evaluate opportunities for seniors to come back to visit the campus in late summer to see teachers, fellow students, and sign yearbooks. Any such offerings are contingent upon orders and guidelines from the state and county and cannot be guaranteed at this time.

    Middle School Promotion
    To commemorate 8th-grade promotion, all middle schools will create a slideshow video with a Principal's message, and all 8th-grade student's pictures and names. The video production will be sent out as a link through Blackboard, our District messaging system. Parents who have previously completed a no media release form on file will be contacted to request students to be allowed to be featured as part of the named production featur

    Near the end of May/beginning of June, the middle school sites will schedule a day to give the 8th-grade students a promotion certificate while receiving/checking back in the student textbooks and Chromebooks.

    Elementary/5th Grade Promotion

    To commemorate 5th-grade promotion, all elementary schools will create a standardized elementary Google Slide Deck that will be turned into a video. The video will be created with each school's mascot, colors, etc.

    The video will include:

    • School welcome message
    • Principal message
    • Teachers will share a message with their individual class, followed by pictures and promotion certificates of each student. The last slide will be the class picture
    • The process will repeat for each teacher and class

    The video production will be sent out as a link through Blackboard, our District messaging system. Parents who have previously completed a no media release form on file will be contacted to request students to be allowed to be featured as part of the named production feature.  If a site typically hosts end of the school year award/honor roll ceremonies or any other type of promotional activities for additional grade-levels or classes, those will occur during an awards virtual ceremony, typical Friday flag ceremony, or virtual classroom event, and not be part of the standardized elementary video promotion.

    When will the new school year begin and what will it look like?

    We plan to begin school based on our regular school calendar beginning August 12, 2020.  Due to the many unknowns at this time with federal, state, and local county health orders and restrictions, we are currently evaluating options to provide education to our students, based on mandates that may be in place.  We will continue to keep families apprised as soon as we have any definitive information to share. 

    Will we be extending school into Summer?

    Due to the passage of Senate Bill 117, we will not need to extend school into summer. 

    Will there still be testing for TVUSD?

    No, all State Testing has been waived by the Federal Government. 

    College and Testing

    We know you have many questions around SAT, ACT, and AP testing as well as college applications, NACAC and College Board direction, so do we! Here is the information we do have: 

    State testing has been waived by the Federal Government. See below for up-to-date information. 

    College Admission Testing - SAT/ACT

    Cancellations - Check directly with College Board and/or ACT

    Tip: Register early for future test sittings 

    College Board


    AP Testing

    As of March 24, 2020 - for updates, please visit our TVUSD AP website 

    Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, you can attend free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These courses:

    • Are optional, mobile-friendly, and can be used alongside any work your teacher may give you.
    • Will be available on-demand, so you can access them any time.
    • Will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons including topics from the final 25% of the course.

    To access the live classes and recordings, visit the AP YouTube channel or find your course schedule below. We'll be adding more courses soon.

    Download the daily schedule for 32 courses (.pdf/151 KB).

     For additional information from College Board on the Coronavirus, please visit: 


    College Board

    AP Exams at Home - Compass Education

    YouTube AP Classes + Support

    Home Testing Tips and Support

    How to Take Important Tests Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic   

    SAT/ACT cancellations - How to work around and what you need to know 

    The March SAT and April ACT have been canceled due to COVID-19 and the health and safety of others. If you're a junior and have had a set game plan or were just planning on winging it as a start (we get it!), you might be a bit unsure as to how to even take your next step. 

    First, take a breath. What is important to remember is that ultimately colleges will be mindful of global pandemics and unforeseen events that can cause a major rift in access to completing a piece of the admission process. College Board announced they will be adding more SAT testing dates, we don't know when, but there are also future test dates well into the fall of senior year that will still be acceptable for college applications. ACT is also offering to shift your testing date for free if you signed up for the April exam to June or later. For example, the UCs will accept test scores up until December of senior year (safely most students can take up until the October exam for a majority of deadlines)  

    Second, think about your specific testing plan. 

    If you were already studying and planning on taking the March or April exams and now have a break, create a consistent strategy to maintain the preparation you have done for these exams. 

    Keep in mind, as you are home learning, you will need to balance an entirely new schedule of all of your classes from home, homework, your sanity and wellness, a.k.a getting some Vitamin D when you can (all while maintaining social distancing).  

    It is important to weave in SAT/ACT prep that maintains the work you've done so you can stay prepared for an exam now further than you expected. This could look like one hour a week of home SAT/ACT learning. You can use free online services such as Kahn Academy or Number 2 ACT. Incorporate one or two full practice exams as well. There are free downloadable ones online, or you can see if a local test prep company offers it online as well and will time you remotely. 

    Remind yourself that a bulk of your knowledge surrounding these exams has come from your school curriculum. So rather than thinking you'll lose all of the knowledge, continuing fine-tune studying/practicing on the problems or areas that you need growth. This could look like practicing those Algebra equations or reading comprehension.  

    If you were planning on taking the SAT or ACT later that is okay too! The same rules apply, build consistent testing momentum, work on the areas most needed and incorporate practice exams. 

    If you were planning on taking SAT Subject Tests, keep in mind that you may shift those until later to prioritize the SAT or the other way around. Remember, testing is unique to EACH student. So what one student is doing doesn't necessarily something you might need to you.  

    BTW, subject tests are by and large NOT required by most universities, read this post from Compass to gain a better perspective.

    Lastly, don't forget to check out test-optional colleges. These are colleges that do not require SAT/ACT for admissions. Not grade optional, so do ensure you keep up your home learning.  

    Information, dates, and news will continue to change, so do check reputable sources (College Board and ACT) directly for information. Search ACT or College Board in your email search bar to sift through the clutter.