Special Education

  • Welcome to GOHS Instructional Support Department

    Our Site houses 4 programs to include Critical Life Skills (CLS), Bridge, SDC, and RSP.  Our Mission is to give each student an opportunity to access the least restrictive environment and enjoy the classes and activities that Great Oak has to offer.  All of our students are able to meet with their case carriers every Tuesday through Friday for 30 minutes of intervention time.  This time is built into the Great Oak school day for all students and gives Case Carriers an opportunity to see the students on their caseload often and work with them on their goals, schoolwork, and transition activities.  

    Whether on campus or home with virtual learning, the Great Oak Special Education Department is committed to providing the necessary supports to help your student succeed.  We offer college and career readiness resources beginning Freshman year and ending the Senior year with outside agency supports and an opportunity to participate in paid work experience. 

    College and Career Readiness Our Special Day Class Courses, also known as Concept Classes, consist of smaller class sizes, a slower-paced curriculum, and more structured support.  These classes are NOT A-G courses meaning a student would not be on the University pathway upon graduation.  However, students would be able to attend a community college after high school and then apply to a 4-year University.  Our Concept classes include English 9-12, Life Science, Physical Science, World History, US History, Government, Economics, Algebra Extended A/B, and C/D, Consumer Math, and Career Transition for our Seniors.  We do not currently offer concept elective classes as our school site teachers support all our students in the electives that are offered. Please refer to the Instructional Support Staff links to further access information regarding each concept's class pathway.