• Students in the pictures: Caroline Baden, Aftyn Robbins, Cameron Payne, Kathryn Badgley, Brooke Sharp, Keniyah Cash, Christian Gump, Marco Antoino Mendez, Alanna Clarke, Noel Clarke, Avery Weber, Ester Nelson 

  • Note: Various sports/other activities may not be officially sanctioned by GMS. In most cases, this webpage shows various sports/activities in which GMS students participate. The information provided is meant to recognize our students' accomplishments. 

  • October 18th Mt. SAC results for GMS runners: 

    Two mile race.
    Girls 7th Grade Team:  3rd place out of 20 teams
    Boys 7th Grade Team: 2nd place missing 1st by a couple points
    Girls 6th Grade Team: 6th place out 24 teams
    Individual notable performances:   
    Note: Hundreds of runners on each race.
    8th grader Aftyn Robbins placing 9th 
    7th grader Alanna Clarke placing 4th
    6th grader Esther Nelson placing 2nd
    6th grader  Breanne Knighten placing 6th
    7th grader placing Zachary Shoaf placing 3rd
    7th grader Jack Paradise placing 6th
  • Vail Ranch Track Meet Results (Info from coach Frank Cortes)

    Here are the results of our Gardner Middle School kids who competed: 

    Distance: 3K

    Girls all grades: 1st place Champions!!!
    Girls 6th  Grade Esther Nelson Individual Champion! New course record for 6th grade girl and all grades Champion with a time of 11:22
    Girls 6th  Grade Team: Champions!!
    Girls 7th Grade Team : 2nd Place
    Girls 8th  Grade: Aftyn Robbins individual Champion!
    Boys 6th Grade Team: 6th Place
    Boys 7th Grade Team: 2nd Place

    Top scores for 6th Graders:
    1ST Esther Nelson 6TH Grade Champion, new course record for 6th grade girls and all grades Champion with a time of 11:22
    2ND Breanne Knighten Great time of 12:18
    9TH Sloane Phillips

    Other top-ranking studnets in this category: Madelyn Roberts, Lily Wawozny, Sakura Mae Leddy, Kathryn Badgley, Ivory Harmon, Cameron Payne, Hayley Levins, Micah Pablo, Jeniyah Cash, Sophia Costes, Angelina Lope

    Girls 7th Grade scores:
    2nd  Alanna Clark
    4th  Violette Tuma
    9th  Caroline Baden

    Other top-ranking students in this category: Avery Smith, Annette Lee, Brook Sharpe, Isabelle Umana, Ella Ruiz

    Girls 8th Grade Team:
    1st Aftyn Robbins 8th Grade individual Champion time of 11:45

    Boys 6th Grade Team: 6th Place
    Top-placing students in this category: 
    Noel Clarke, Mathias Oseguera, Jayden M. Squares, Tyler Bussey, Marco A. Medranda, Ryan Archer, Josia Garcia, Han Ke, Colin Jean-Pierre, Kaden Gonzales, Joshua Keegan, Nathan Gomez, Tyler Ruyle, Calvin Han, Ryan Archer, Shayan Marolda

    Boys 7th  Grade Scores:
    3rd place Zachary Shoaf
    5th place Jack Paradize
    9th place Christian Gump

    Other top-ranking students in this category: Avery Weber, Marco Antonio Mendez, Henry Atwood, Braden Gonsalves, Anthony Gonzalez, Frank Hernandez

     Boys 8TH Grade results: Jonathan Garcia, Diesel Harmon, Renalto Medranda 

    They should all get recognized for their hard work and enthusiasm. They never complain and always want to do more then asked!  Great Kids!

  • Softball Results

    On October 18th, the GMS softball team defeated Bella Vista Middle School 15-0. GMS is still in the lead!

    On Friday, October 11th, GMS won 14-2 against Dorthy Mcelhinney. GMS is now 4-0 and in 1st palce in league standings. Congratulations, Grizzlies!

    Gardner Middle School Softball Results October 2019