• Daily Homework:



    Read 20 minutes a day.

    Read to yourself, read to mom or dad, read to brother or sister, read to the dog, read to the cat, just read!


    Practice your SPELLING words!

    Lists will be updated weekly.  

    Spelling tests will be on Mondays.



    Math classwork will be sent home Monday - Thursdays. (Usually!)

    Use the Math Practice Book at home to reinforce the lesson.

    ***Please send in Math Practice Book pages (the homework) on Fridays.  

    Practice adding and subtracting math facts at home.  Try to learn them as quick as a snap!




    Write a story and illustrate.

    Play a game with your family.

    Read.  Discuss your book with someone.

    Look up an animal or a place online and write a report.

    Help mom or dad make dinner, or bake something and use measuring cups, etc.

    Did we mention reading?  :)




  • Spelling City - Practice your spelling words!  Log in to our school or use teacher name.



    April 6th - 10th

    Unit 5 Week 2:

    soil, broil, moist, point, toil, oil, toy, joy, coin, noise, crown, mound, I'll, laugh, maybe


    April 13th - 17th

    Unit 5 Week 3:

    room, flu, June, new, glue, fruit, crook, could, full, push, point, coin, along, ever, strong


    April 20th - 24th

    Unit 5 Week 4:

    ball, small, paw, jaw, pause, sauce, taught, chalk, walk, sought, new, fruit, city, own, read




    April 27th - May 4th  Test on May 4th

    Unit 5 Week 5:

    dead, ahead, lead, thread, bread, breadth, touch, trouble, gym, myth, small, chalk, instead, whole, words



Picture of three happy kids reading a book.