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     ASL 1 Syllabus

    TVHS 2019-2020

    Teacher: Mrs.Adrienne White

    Email: awhite1@tvusd.k12.ca.us

    Twitter: @MrsWhiteASL 

    Instagram: MrsWhiteASL 

    Website: https://www.tvusd.k12.ca.us/Domain/5837


    Course Description:

    In this class, we will be learning American Sign Language, the official language of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in America and Canada (Nope! ASL is NOT universal! More about that later..) Students will learn ASL through engaging in hands on projects, in class assignments and direct usage of the language itself. We will also learn about Deaf culture and the intersection of Deafness and Hearing experiences. We will rely heavily on technology to explore and increase our skills in ASL.


    In addition to the textbook and workbook,students will need Internet access at home as well as during class  in the form of an internet ready device such as a smartphone or a webcam enabled chromebook or tablet. In the event that the student doesn’t have access to these technologies,every effort will be made to give access opportunities in class. However, students will need to have access to Google classroom and my website as well as other Internet domains such as YouTube outside of class. All students have access to the TVHS library before and after school which contains appropriate internet ready technology.

    1. Recommended Daily Materials:
    • The “usual”: notebook paper, pencils, pens, and highlighters
    • Daily access to modern technology both in and out of the classroom (e.g., personal cell phones with app capabilities and internet access, tablets, laptops, etc.). We have access to in-class Chrome Books typically a few days a week, but these ASL courses are highly dependent on technology and the internet on a daily basis and limited supplies are available, so students need their own source for when in-class resources are not available. Should you be unable to bring such materials to class, please contact the teacher ASAP to determine if what you do have will be sufficient for completing the assignments for this course, if we can find a way to provide you with what you need, or if perhaps this elective course is not the best choice for you.
    • Access to the internet at school and at home (to complete and submit assignments and projects as well as to have daily access to the class website, including the textbook and other digital resources). *Students have mentioned the school Wi-Fi is occasionally “spotty” so data charges may apply. Please instruct your student accordingly as to what you wish him or her to use/not use of cellular data. Please contact the teacher with any questions or concerns.
    • You may occasionally need extra materials for large projects and assignments (e.g., poster board, construction paper, etc.). *Your teacher will try to provide these materials for you, but is not always able to do so since it is at her own expense. Donations are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated!
    • A cell phone capable of receiving/sending text messages as well as downloading (free) apps for class, recording videos, and uploading assignments (for the class Remind texts from your teacher about assignments, due dates, and important events - this is VERY important to sign up for...parents, you too!)
    • Your brain with which to think and your hands with which to sign!


    Daily expectations:

    Students will be given a packet for the unit currently being studied. When this unit packet is handed out, students will need to have their packets in class with them everyday. If they lose their packet, they are responsible for printing a new one and making up any work that was lost. Students also need to come prepared with basic tools such as pencils, paper and a ready-to-learn attitude! 

    Classroom Rules:


    • Be Respectful: This includes being respectful to yourself, your peers, your teachers, your classroom, your books/materials, your classroom furniture (that you and your parents paid for!), the school’s support staff, and the school-wide rules and regulations (See 2018-2019 Student Handbook for more details).
    • Be On Time: If you are not in your assigned seat by the time the bell rings with your cell phone put away in its appropriate location, you will be marked tardy and the school’s tardy policy will be implemented. Occasional tardy sweeps are implemented by the school and if tardiness becomes a regular issue that disrupts the class, the door will be locked upon the bell and you will be admitted within a few minutes. If you arrive to class after attendance is taken, it is your responsibility to approach me when it is appropriate to do so and inform me you are here so you are not marked truant for the class period. If a mistake is made (I amhuman), let me know ASAP.
    • Be Prepared: This not only includes your completion of classwork and homework (when applicable) and having studied any current and past information – it also includes you having your materials out at the sound of the bell, ready to work. Your BRAIN and your ATTITUDE must also be prepared – just showing up isn’t enough to learn! Preparation is part of your classroom participation grade, so get enough sleep at night and be an active participant in class!
    • Study the vocabulary at home, DAILY!: It is crucial that you study your vocabulary independently at home on a daily basis. This is a fast-paced college course conducted mostly in the target language (with supplemental materials in English) and you are quizzed often on what you have learned and what we discuss and because this class emphasizes independence and student-geared learning, it is imperative that you do this EVERY SINGLE DAY so you can keep up with the material. 5 minutes a day is plenty! Remember: I will ALWAYS help you – all you need to do is ask, but I cannot help you if you do not first help yourself!
    • Stay organized: You are responsible for keeping up with the class assignments, whether you are here or absent, so keep your binder and backpack organized. You will receive daily assignments, unit assignments (in the form of a packet given to you at the beginning of each unit), and semester assignments, so staying organized will help you stay on track and focused in this course. It would behoove you to use a calendar/schedule book to keep track of your assignments.
    • Clean Up After Yourself: Leave the classroom looking clean and organized for the next class.  Please do not leave trash lying around or stick gum underneath the desks. I find this not only completely disgusting, but unsanitary and aggravating. Please use the trash cans and recycle bins located inside the classroom. Also, please do not deface or vandalize school property by drawing on desks, walls, books, etc. Our furniture is PRIVATE and paid for by YOU GUYS so if it gets destroyed, it will NOT be replaced. If you see any vandalism, please report it to me ASAP so it can be taken care of. A CLEAN ROOM IS A HAPPY ROOM!
    • NO GUM IN ASL CLASS AT ANY TIME! You cannot output this language with gum, period.
    • Stay Positive: You are here because you want to be, so work hard, but stay positive and always believe in yourself! I believe in you and you can do well in this course if you set your mind to it, work hard, and believe you can do well. Be the best version of yourself you can be, in all aspects of your life, and you will succeed and be happy! YOU ARE AMAZING, so let me see it in class!
    • Participate, Work Hard, Do Finger Exercises, Learn Lots, Don't Panic, and HAVE FUN!


    Absence Policy / Make-up Work:

    It is YOUR responsibilityto make up work and your participation points when you are absent. Do not come up to me the next day and ask what you missed - I will simply send you right to the website! You need to click on the tab for your class level, check the calendar for what you missed, and complete and/or study what we did on that day and turn it in/get a stamp the next day you come to class.

    When you click on any assignment on the calendar, it will literally say "If you were absent today..." - follow the directions for that assignment and text or email me if you have any questions about it or need some help. This will help keep you from missing work and falling behind! EVERYTHING you need is located on the website. You can also check the trays in the classroom for any handouts I passed out that day should you not want to print them.

    You have one week to make up assignments due to an excused absence for full credit. After one week, any late work/make up work is half credit. Projects are still due on the day they are due, regardless if you miss one day because you are notified weeks in advance of their due dates and are given ample time both in and outside of class to complete and submit them. If you are gone multiple days, you need to come see me BEFORE the due date to make alternate arrangements and/or get additional help or clarification on what is expected of you.

    If you are absent one or two days during the week, you still have to complete the quiz or test at the end of that week. The testing schedule is made available to you LONG in advance, should you choose to read it. It is your responsibility to make up and study what you missed and come to me if you need help understanding anything. The tools you need are always at your fingertips and you need to USE THEM. If you are absent for a quiz or test, you have one week to make that up at lunch or after school. You MUST make an appointment with me in order to do so because of the Chrome Book schedule. However, you should attempt to complete it ASAP so you do not get behind before the next quiz. 

    This is a very student-driven, independent, college course - you need to be productive and proactive in this class! I will not follow you around asking where your work is – you either do it or you don’t – be mindful of your responsibilities, manage your time well, and ask for help from me whenever you need it.

    You are expected to study the vocabulary DAILY and use the website CONSISTENTLY so you will do well in this class and never be confused about what we are doing, what you might have missed, and so you never ever fall behind. Remember, I am ALWAYS be here to help you out, never be afraid to ask for it, but I can’t do that if you don’t first help yourself!


    The majority of coursework will come from the unit packets. However, students will also have projects and some papers to complete. If a student is absent on the day a homework assignment is due, they have seven days to make up the assignment for full credit. If the student misses the due date for something other than an excused absence, they have 7 days to make it up for 70 percent credit. After that, the assignment is 50 percent and due by the end of the current unit. After the current unit is complete, any missing assignments for that unit will become zero. 


    Tests and Quizzes:

    Students are expected to be present for tests and quizzes. If a student needs to be absent, they have 7 days to reschedule the test or quiz. It is the student’s responsibility to come to me to plan a time for the make up. 


    Grading Breakdown: 

    Classwork/Homework - 25% 

    Projects/Presentations - 25% 

    Tests/Quizzes - 25% 

    Participation - 15% 

    Final Exams - 10%


    The Languages Other Than English Department in the state of California and the Riverside Community College District ASL Accreditation Program has set the following goals for target language usage in the classroom:


    ASL Levels 1 - 4:

    The teacher will sign in the target language (ASL) at least 90% of class time to build receptive skills.

    The teacher will expect students to use the target language at least 90% of class time to build expressive skills. This provides students with as much opportunity in the target language as possible without leaving them completely devoid of their first language (L1).     


    Numerous studies and statistics have shown that implementing the use of the target language 100% of the time increases student engagement, student success, respect for the culture, and overall content knowledge. The TVHS ASL strand has chosen 90% to comply with state standards and the college accreditation requirements.

    ALL instruction and assignments are supplemented in written English to support student learning.   


    ---Grades will be updated on Infinite Campus regularly. Please feel free to check as often as you wish. Students and parents can set up alerts sent to their phones or electronic device when grades are updated. Extra Credit is assigned to the whole class at the teacher’s discretion. 


    Deaf Culture:

    Students will be expected to complete a project each semester that allows them to experience deafness in a personal way. The project will be explained at the beginning of the semester and will be due the week before finals week. Students will also be given the opportunity to go out into the Deaf community to interact and use their language skills. Both projects will require a one-page paper to be turned in on Google classroom by the due date.These projects are required and no late work will be accepted as students have the entire semester to complete the projects.



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