• Student / Parent Help Center

      At Home in the Morning
      Help your child:
      Establish routines for:
      • What time to go to bed/ wake-up
      • What time to shower (if this is your normal practice in the AM)
      • What time to eat breakfast
      • What time to leave for school
      • Where to put their backpack nightly so they have it ready to go
      • Traffic can be an issue, so plan to be dropped off early by 8:10

    • Parents should consider:
      • Texting or calling students before 8:20 and after 3:05
      • Encouraging child to remain in school unless:
        • Fever
        • Bad cough
        • Threw up in the last 24 hours
      • Create Parent only portal for INFINITE CAMPUS Account on the school website
        • Students will have their own
        • Check Grades weekly, so you are familiar with the student’s current grade
      • Consider scheduling appointments after school instead of during school

    Returning Home from School

      • Discuss the school day and how it went
      • Get a snack and relax for a few minutes
      • Establish the following:
        • If the Planner is not filled out check individual teachers’ websites
        • If a student is absent from school, check the website for classwork and homework while absent
        • Clothes
        • Lunch items
        • Shower (if this is your normal practice in the PM)
        • Check your child’s planner with the child daily
        • Homework time
        • Begin working on the most challenging assignment
        • Work for 30-45 minutes
        • Break for 15 minutes
        • Work for 30-45 minutes
        • Collect all materials needed for the next day
        • Put backpack and all materials in the established locations
        • Get any items ready for the next school day

    If homework takes more than an hour to complete, please let teacher know.   I do not want students to be stressed out or struggling over homework. Homework is generally just completing unfinished classwork or review, so it should not extend 20-30 minutes.

      Test Corrections
      Want to improve your grade on a quiz or test?   Here is how!
    •  Test Corrections Form
      Accepted until Parent Conferences unless a special agreement was made.

      1.  Obtain a Test Correction form from the link above.
      2.  Fill-out all spaces including the evidence from with a quote from the book and a citation (p. #).
      3.  Obtain a parent signature in ink.
      4. Turn the Test Correction page into Mrs. Sanf by the due date listed on the stamp.
      5. Credit will only be given for complete answers with evidence and citations.
    • Having Trouble Logging In?
      Are you having trouble logging in to your documents to complete your homework at home?
      Are you starting from the BVMS Website?
      Are you clicking on CLEVER at the bottom in Quick Links?
      Are you logging in with your BVMS username and password?
      If not, this may be why.
      Try it again using your school Gmail and see if that works.
      See District Directions
    • How to sign-in to your school accounts from home:
      1)  Log-in to the BVMS Website and click on CLEVER in the Quick Links at the bottom
      2)  Enter your school information BELLA VISTA MIDDLE SCHOOL
      Username:  10digitID#+@my.tvusd.us
      Password:  MM/DD/YYYY of birth unless you changed it in another classroom
      This should only be necessary once.  It should recognize this computer from then on
    • Infinite Campus Student and Parent Portal

      Grades should be checked weekly to ensure students and parents are fully aware of the student's current grade status.
      If a dramatic grade change is noted in a short time, please check to see if the student performed poorly on a quiz or assessment.  If not, please send me an email to ensure an error was not made by me when entering grades.

    ConnectED / Studysync

    • ConnectED is our website to log-in to the Temecula Unified School District's digital material for English Language Arts. We refer to this as Studysync with our students. If you have questions regarding the Studysync materials and units, the link below will provide the information you seek. Please contact me if you have additional questions.
      6th Grade Studysync Overview

    Google Docs

    • More than letters and words
      Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings. All for free.
      Visit Google Docs

    Google Classroom

    • Classroom | Google for Education
      Benefits for your school
      With Google Classroom, educators can create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. Instant. Paperless. Easy.
      Classroom | Google for Education
      Educators can set up Classroom in minutes. With Classroom, they can manage assignments and communicate with students and their guardians in one convenient place.
      Classroom | Google for Education
    • Affordable
      Google Classroom is free for schools. Best-in-class security is also included at no additional cost.
      Classroom | Google for Education
      Teachers and students can work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Classroom seamlessly integrates with other Google tools and helps educators refresh their curriculum with integrated education apps.
      Classroom | Google for Education
      Educators can provide instant feedback and track a student’s progress to improve performance. Classroom also helps free up educator time so they can focus on what they do best: teaching.
      Visit Google Classroom
      We already teach students in the classroom how to use Google Classroom, but if you want videos to get you started using it from home, click here.



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      Now you do — meet the new Quizlet Learn. Create a study set of material you need to practice and master, tell us when you need to learn it by, and we'll kick-start your studying with an adaptive study plan and notifications that remind you when it's time to focus.
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      How to sign-in to Quizlet
      1) Username:  
      2) Password:  
      Go to Quizlet.com
    • EXPOSITORY - Central Idea
      • Citation (Author #) (color-coded very light blue)
      • Citation (Author #) (color-coded very light blue)
      • Citation (Author #) (color-coded very light blue)
      • Central Idea Sentence (color-coded orange)
      • Quote to support the central idea identified (color-coded light blue)
      • Elaboration - What does evidence show or mean and how does it support the central idea? (color-coded pink)
      • Quote to support the central idea identified (color-coded light blue)
      • Elaboration - What does evidence show or mean and how does it support the central idea? (color-coded pink)
      • Quote to support the central idea identified (color-coded light blue)
      • Elaboration - What does evidence show or mean and how does it support the central idea? (color-coded pink)
      • Conclusion
      • Characters
      • Setting
      • Plot
      • Rising Action Events
      • Falling Actions Events
      • Conflict
      • Character / Character, Character / Self, Character / Setting / Nature
      • Theme
      • Climax
      • Resolution
      • Story Elements
      • Dialogue
      • Figurative Language
      • Sensory Description
      • Inner Thoughts
    • EXPOSITORY - Argument
      • Citation (Author #) (color-coded very light blue)
      • Citation (color-coded very light blue)
      • Citation (color-coded very light blue)
      • Claim Sentence
      • Reason 1 (color-coded orange)
      • Evidence 1 (color-coded light blue)
      • Elaboration 1 (color-coded pink)
      • Reason 2 (color-coded orange)
      • Evidence 2 (color-coded light blue)
      • Elaboration 2 (color-coded pink)
      • Reason 3 (color-coded orange)
      • Evidence 3 (color-coded light blue)
      • Elaboration 3 (color-coded pink)
      • Conclusion
      • Transitions