• Behavior Expectations

    PBIS Expectations

    1.  Enter the classroom quietly and be in your seat when the period begins.   


    1. Be prepared with your completed homework,  planner, paper, pencils and pens each day.


    1. Treat teachers, students, and materials with respect at all times.  NO TALKING WHILE TEACHER IS TEACHING, (UNLESS DIRECTED).


       4.Always behave in a way that allows everyone to learn.


    1. Listen and follow directions the first time given.


    Corrective Actions


    6th Grade Common Discipline Plan 2019-2020


    Student misconduct will be addressed in this sequence:

    1. Warning, seating change and/or counsel student
    2. Complete five minute Behavior Refocus Form  (in hallway/back of room) and last to leave class
    3. Class Suspension with Partner Teacherand/or Behavior Courtesy Contract 
    4. Office Class Suspension or Counselor Referral 
    5. Office Referral on Infinite Campus (parent contact required,  discipline point)


    **Severe misconduct may result in an immediate Office Referral 

    (This is the only time parent contact is not required before sending them to the office/counselor).

    Misbehavior with Substitute 

    Students who misbehave for a substitute will automatically be assigned a “Substitute Teacher Courtesy Contract” by the classroom teacher - to be completed, signed by the parent, and returned the following school day.


    **Failure to return the completed form by the second day will result in an Office Referral.




    Additional Corrective Actions


    • A verbal warning will be given before any disciplinary action will be taken unless infringement upon other’s safety or right to learn is too severe. 
    •  A student's Corrective Actions directly influence the students’ Citizenship and Work Habits grades.
    •  If a student chooses to break rules or chooses not to do class work or independent work, break detention, lunch detention, loss of school day reward activities / assemblies, work time before school or after school may be additional corrective actions.