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Introduction Letter (link below)

Vocabulary Slide Instructions (click the link below)

Star-Spangled Banner Poem

  • Click this link to be connected to "The Star-Spangled Banner"

    This link will connect you to "The Star-Spangled Banner" document.  

    1. Read and annotate the entire poem 

    2. First impressions

    --questions - what are you confused about with the text?

    ---make connections - what ideas come to mind while reading this text?

    --defne words

    --highlight/underline - why are you highlighting or underlining this? this should be clear in the notes on the page 

    --identify figurative language: metaphor, alliteration, imagery, assonance/consonance, etc.

    3. Identify a theme.  Make a claim. Provide 3 concrete details to support this claim, and at least 1 sentence of commentary for each concrete detail.

    ---the theme must be present throughout the entire poem

    ---Your CLAIM must be in response to this prompt: What is your theme and how does the "Star-Spangled Banner" present that theme?  How does this all relate back to American identity?

    ---------Example:  The theme of bravery is present throughout the poem "The Star-Spangled Banner" as seen through the imagery and word choice.  This theme of bravery connects back to the American identity as bravery was an essential characteristic of a soldier fighting for their new country. 

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America the Beautiful Annotation/Analysis

  • America the Beautiful (poem)


    1, Read the poem one time through.

    2. Define unknown vocabulary

    3. On the second reading, identify literary devices:

    --appeals (ethos, pathos, logos)

    ---metaphors and similes



    ---motifs and symbolism

    ---mood and tone






    1. Analysis

      1. Identify a theme of American identity present in the poem
      2. MAKE A CLAIM - How is this theme demonstrated in the poem and IDENTIFY TWO  LITERARY DEVICES used by the author to demonstrate this theme?
        1. Claim: 
          1. In “America the Beautiful” the author uses imagery and repetition to demonstrate the early American identity theme of religious faith. 
      3. Identify TWO CONCRETE DETAILS (evidence) and provide COMMENTARY for each piece of evidence.  HOW DOES YOUR EVIDENCE CONNECT BACK TO THE THEME?
        1. Repetition
          1. Evidence: In the first and final stanzas, Bates says “God shed His grace” on the United States.  
            1. Commentary:  By having this line in both the first and last stanza, it highlights that God has played a role in not only the beginning of our country’s formation but continues to play a role for years to come.  
          2. Evidence:  In the middle stanzas, God also helps the United States by fixing “every flaw” that exists.  
            1. Commentary: Bates wants to communicate that God and the faith that others have in Him is what has helped make this country great. 
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16 Personalities: Mind-Map and Analysis

"My Shot" Annotation/Analysis (due 9/20)

"My Shot" Character Mind Maps (assigned 9/20) due 9/23

  • My Shot Character Starburst Mind Maps

    Click the image for the mind-map instructions.  You need to have FIVE mindmaps total.  Two of these mindmaps should be your original mindmaps, the other three should be from our discussion notes on 9/20.  If you do not have these notes, ask your peers for photos of the mind-maps.  

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Found Poem Article Instructions (due 9/23)

Found Poem Example: Analysis (due 9/24)

Found Poem Project

Story of An Hour Mini Unit