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    Course Description

    Astronomy, Geology, Genetics, Ecology, Physics and Chemistry. Anchor Science Phenomena are the following; Chemical Reactions, Carbon Chemistry. Motion, Forces, Speed, Wavelengths, Newton’s Laws, Geologic Time, Fossils and The Solar System. All students will develop inquiry base skills that use scientific procedures when working in laboratory base activities and projects. 

    Supply Requirement

    All students must obtain a 1 to 5 Subject Notebook. This notebook will be the students throughout the year for this class only. All materials must be provided by the student; Pencils, Color Pencils, Gel Pens, Glue Sticks. If you cannot obtain these items talk to Mr. O’Hara, and he will help.

    Class Information

    There will be a study guide given to students one week before a unit test. Class information such as (Projects, Tests, Google Classroom Q&A’s) is communicated via (Remind App enter # (81010) Text message @mroharas8 

    My Expectations

    Ø  Be responsible and conscientious about coming to class on time with required materials and a fair to good attitude.” We all have bad days!”

    Ø  No eating food in class.

    Ø  While Teacher is talking (lectures & instructions) all students should be listening not talking.

    Ø  If a classmate is answering or participating in a class discussion, students should give their full attention to their classmate.

    Ø  Foul language not tolerated in class.

    Ø  All class equipment (books, posters, desks, lab materials, and Mr. O’Hara’s stuff) must be respected and cared.

    Ø  Use trashcan for Trash!

    Ø  No Hats or Beanies in class, unless Mr. O’Hara gives permission

    Ø  Smart Phones can be used only for educational purposes, with Mr. O’Hara’s  consent

    Ø  Be nice to all!

    Ø  Collaborate, Communicate, Creativity and Critical Think is the class goal

    Ø  All students must follow DMS universal Expectations while in class

     Grading Scale:

    A = 100 - 90%

    B = 89 – 80%

    C = 79 – 70%

    D = 69 – 60%

    F = 59%

    Interactive Notebook; Thrilling Notes, Lectures, Vocab, Science Labs, Team Write Ups & Sample Problems, Cornell Notes, Google Classroom Activities, Informal Assessment, Graphs and Calculations, Reflection and Film Notes.

    Tests and Projects; Student assessments that are both Objective (factoid) and Subjective(Projects).

    Semester Finals; The class will have two comprehensive finals. 

    Responsibility Points; Following Mr. O’Hara’s class expectations; (lab participation and clean up, team building and collaboration activities).


    Science Class Grading Chart