History Alive: Ancient Realms

Social Studies

  • This year in SIXTH GRADE we will be learning about Ancient History, including: Early Humans, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, and Rome as well as the origins of various religions and beliefs and their impact on the growth of civilizations.


    ****SS Daily Agenda and HW****



    * Homework will not count toward the class grade, but will be provided as a means of seeing student progress.

    * Classwork will count towards 20% of student's overall academic grade. This includes notebook and vocabulary work that is reviewed and discussed in class.  Only students who have an 85% or higher in this category will be allowed to complete extra credit assignments.  This will also be the basis for the student's work habits grade.

    * Formative quizzes (vocabulary quizzes, lesson quizzes, geography quizzes) will count towards 20% of student's overall grade. 

    * Projects/Prompts will count towards 20% of student's overall academic grade. These will be used to apply student's understanding of current material and will usually be completed at home with some class time given for working.

    * Summative assessments (unit tests) will count towards 25% of student's overall grade. These assignments show overall learning.  Some assessments will be online and multiple choice, but some will be paper and pencil.

    * Semester Final (covering all the units from first semester) will count towards 15% of student's overall grade. There will be a study guide provided for this test.

    * Online grades will be updated every other week (if not sooner), and are accessible 24/7. See Grading link under General Info for more instructions.


    ELA grading scale is as follows:

    A+ .        100%

    A .           93.0-99.9%

    A-            90.0-92.9%

    B+ .         87.0-89.9%

    B .           83.0-86.9%

    B-            80.0-82.9%

    C+ .         77.0-79.9%

    C .           73.0-76.9%

    C-            70.0-72.9%

    D+ .         67.0-69.9%

    D .           63.0-66.9%

    D-            60.0-62.9%

    F .            59.9% and below