• Sometimes growing up is difficult, 
    but here are some steps to help you be a successful middle school student:

     Do not get up out of your seat to ask the teacher a question.

    Think before you speak or ask a question. Do you already know the answer? Can you figure it out yourself?

    1. “Ask three (students) before you ask me (Mrs. Jenkins).” Can your peers help you figure out the answer?
    2. Raise your hand and wait patiently for Mrs. Jenkins to call on you.
    3. Wait 10 seconds with your hand up, and if Mrs. Jenkins doesn’t see you...then you may walk up.


    There are some appropriate times to get out of your seat (in Mrs. Jenkins' class) as long as you can do so without being a distraction…

    1. To sharpen your pencil (only if the teacher is NOT giving instructions/directions)
    2. To get books or supplies
    3. To get some tissue
    4. To put plastic water bottles into recycling