• MRWC Course Syllabus

    Mrs. Owens

    Prerequisite:  C or above in Algebra 2B

    Course Description:

    Mathematical Reasoning with Connections (MRWC) is designed to prepare students for the expectations and rigor of college mathematics.  MRWC emphasizes collaborative exploration of rich mathematics through innovative activities and engagement with technology.  Students will expand their existing mathematical knowledge into new, advanced areas by making connections between old and new topics.  The topics to be explored include reasoning with numbers, reasoning with functions, and reasoning with equivalences.  Students should be prepared to work hard, take notes, ask questions, and seek extra help when needed. 

    Student Expectations:

    1.  Students are expected to be in class every day, ready and prepared to complete the tasks of the day.
    2.  Students are expected to stay in their assigned seats ~ sharpening pencils and throwing away trash is to be done when teacher is not involved in classroom instruction. 
    3.  Students are expected to raise their hand at an appropriate time for permission to use the restroom.
    4.  Students are expected to start planned activities promptly.
    5.  Students are expected to keep all electronic devices away and silent while in class, unless directed by teacher otherwise.
    6.  Students are expected to do their own work, unless group work is specified, cheating will notbe tolerated.
    7. Students are expected to collaborate in their groups, not copy.
    8.  Students are expected to begin their homework if there is time left at the end of a lesson.

    The Course Curriculum Includes:

    Section 5:  Reasoning with Complex Numbers

    Section 6:  Relationships

    Section 7:  Features

    Section 8:  Representations 

    Section 9:  Families

    Grading Policy:

    Grades will be calculated using a weighted average in the following manner:

    Tests  45%

    Quizzes  10%

    Homework, Classwork, Activities, and Projects  15%

    Class Discussions and Warm-ups  15%

    Final Exam  15%


    A test will be given about every three weeks and quizzes will be given periodically throughout the sections.  Tests and quizzes will be announced ahead of time in class and on my website.

    Homework Policy:

    Students can expect to be assigned homework on any day that it is necessary to practice a concept (including weekends).  Since completion of homework will be necessary for the next day’s activities to run smoothly, it is expected to be completed by the beginning of class on the next class meeting.  Make sure that you show all of your work.  Full credit will not be given for homework that has answers only.  Late homework will be accepted the next day.  After that, it will not be accepted, unless stated otherwise by the teacher.


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what the expected make-up work is and to copy down the notes and warm-ups that you missed.  All missing work is due within 2 days of the absence.  If you are absent the day of a test, you will take a make-up test the day you return.  Students who are truant on the day of a test will earn a zero and will not be allowed to make it up.  Absence on a review day does not excuse a student from taking a test on the regular test day.  Therefore, students are encouraged to exchange phone numbers with one another and to check my website regularly so that they can get missed assignments and/or important information.

    Class Information:

    ​​​​​​​You can get homework assignments, worksheets, and information about upcoming quizzes and tests from my website.  I try to update the homework assignments every day and grades are updated on Infinite Campus regularly.

    Extra Help:

    ​​​​​​​It is important to me that everyone learns what I am teaching so that they can be successful.  You can request a pass to see me for help during our CAT30 time.  In addition, I am usually available during lunch and after school.


    Students will need a scientific calculator for their homework, quizzes, and tests.  Students do not need to have a graphing calculator.  In addition, it is helpful if students download the DESMOS Graphing Calculator app on their phone to use on activities.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have questions and/or concerns.

    Thank you, 

    Mrs. Leslie Owens

    (951)695-4200 ext. 708


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