• MRWC Course Syllabus

    Prerequisite:  C or above in Algebra 2B


    Course Description:

    Mathematical Reasoning with Connections (MRWC) is designed as a 4th year mathematics course, following Algebra 2 or above, that will provide a bridge into multiple college and career options, including STEAM, CTE, and nontechnical pathways.  Students successfully completing MRWC will have acquired content skills and attitudes towards learning that will be expected in entry-level college mathematics.  MRWC emphasizes collaborative exploration of rich mathematics through innovative activities and engagement with technology.  Students will expand their existing mathematical knowledge into new, advanced areas by making connections between old and new topics.  The topics to be explored include reasoning with numbers, reasoning with functions, and reasoning with equivalences.  Students should be prepared to work hard, take notes, ask questions, and seek extra help when needed. 


    Student Expectations:

    Video conferencing is a way for us to come together as a class during online learning.  When we are together online, here are our class norms:

    • Be on Time - check your tech before class starts and have all supplies nearby.
    • Turn Your Camera On - check your surroundings, make sure the lighting is good, and dress appropriately.
    • Mute Yourself - be sure to mute your microphone when joining the video conference.
    • Participate - stay focused, pay attention, and be an active participant.
    • Chat Responsibly - only post class related questions and comments in the chat.


    The Course Curriculum Includes:


    Section 1: Reasoning with Integers

    Section 2: Reasoning with Rational Numbers

    Section 3: Reasoning with Irrational Numbers

    Section 4: Reasoning with Real Numbers

    Section 5: Reasoning with Complex Numbers



    Grades will be calculated using a weighted average in the following manner:

    Class Discussions/Warm-ups  20%

    Homework/Classwork  20%

    Quizzes  20%

    Tests  30%

    Final Exam  10%

    In order to earn full credit, you must show ALL of your WORK.  Full credit will not be given for assignments and assessments that have answers only, unless stated otherwise.



    If you are absent, you have 3 days to make up and turn in all of the work that you missed from that day.  Please check your "To Do" List and the Modules for the work that you missed.  If you are absent the day of a test, you will take a make-up test at the next class meeting.  Students who are truant (have an unexcused absence) on the day of a test, well earn a zero and will not be allowed to make it up.


    Extra Help:

    It is important that everyone learns what I am teaching so that they can be successful.  Please ask questions regularly during our class meetings or email me if it is outside of class time.  Keep in mind, that I do not typically check emails after 3:30, so anything sent after that time will not be answered until the next day.



    Even though we are online, you will be doing a lot of your work by hand and collaborating with other in the class.   At every class meeting you should have:

    • paper
    • something to write with
    • working camera on your device (if you do not, please go to the library to check out a chromebook)
    • working microphone on your device (if you do not, please go to the library to check out a chromebook)

    We will typically not be using a calculator for this course.


    Please feel free to contact me if you have questions and/or concerns.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Leslie Owens