• Monday, May 3rd - Classroom Update

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 5/3/2021

    Good Afternoon Third Grade Families,


    Thank you for continuing to encourage and support your child with school.  It is wonderful to see them continuing to grow and achieve each and every week.


    Last week the students took their math assessment on area and perimeter.  The kiddos absolutely rocked it!  They have come so far with their learning in this area, and it was wonderful to see how impressed they were with themselves.

    We are beginning our final unit on measurement in math both on time (time to the minute and elapsed time) and measurement (liquid and length).


    This week we will take our reading assessment on point of view.  We have spent the past two months studying this concept.  It is new to the students this year, and mastery is expected by this year.  Their in-class assignments indicate they will perform well on this assessment as well.


    This week we will also begin our study on Temecula History.  Each week we will break down the learning into small subtopics.  We will complete a fun project that correlates to our learning, and it is truly one of the best learning experiences in third grade.  Typically we would take a field trip to the Temecula History Museum.  I encourage you to visit the museum with your child at some point this summer, as the docents are so knowledgeable!


    Finally, I wanted to give you an update on two pieces of information.


    First - per district negotiations: plexiglass barriers will now be optional in the classroom.  


    Please let me know via email if you would like your child to continue to use plexiglass in the classroom, as I have requested that the remaining plexiglass be removed next week.


    Second- the last two days of school are slated to be asynchronous learning days.  With this in mind, I would like to clarify a few things.  I plan to have a traditional end of the year celebration (without food) on Friday, June 4th. 

    We will have a red carpet awards ceremony and I will live stream the awards if you would like to attend virtually.  Monday and Tuesday June 7th and 8th will be days when we meet together for some fun in the morning, and then students work asynchronously  for the remainder.  I plan on a longer fun meeting on Tuesday June 8th - with virtual games and activities and then an adjusted workload.


    Please let me know if you have any questions at all, and thank you again for all that you are doing!


    Take care,

    Mrs. Gallegos

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  • Monday, April 19th

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 4/19/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Good Morning Families,


    Just a quick update:


    We have found our routine back in the classroom.  The kiddos are becoming more comfortable being themselves in person, and it is truly wonderful to see them laugh and smile each day.


    Dr. McClay announced that TVUSD will be retiring to full time school in the Fall.  For more information, I have linked the district newsletter here.


    I would like to genuinely thank you for sending your child with their device and a water bottle each day.  I appreciate you helping them to remember these materials.  It has made for a smooth transition!


    If you could please help me by sending your child in with a small, used, clean container such as an individual yogurt cup this week that would be helpful.  We are using them this week to decorate for an Earth Day project, and later as a gift for that special Mom!  If anyone has extra ones to share, I will take those as well for backups.


    Our academic focus this week:


    Reading:  Point of View in informational text & Capitalizing book titles


    Writing:  Opinion Writing- The best movie is


    Math:  Finishing our learning about area - assessment next week


    Science - Climate, Geography, and Global Weather Patterns


    Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

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  • Tuesday, March 9th

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 3/9/2021

    Please use the link below to view the items students will need to bring back on the first day back of cohort learning.


    Return to School Information

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  • Infinite Campus and Seesaw Guide

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 2/1/2021
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  • Class Changes - February 1

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 2/1/2021

    Good Afternoon Families,


    Please note that there are several changes to our classroom outlined in this email.


    1. Work Completion Changes
    2. Joining Seesaw
    3. Book Groups
    4. Curriculum This Month



    1. Work Completion Changes


    Previously I have asked students to stay on the call with me if they have work to be completed or fixes to make. I am shifting the way I use this time. As we continue to encounter new material, I will be asking specific students to stay on for reteaching and intervention.


    If your child is one who often does not complete their work or works quickly and has previously stayed on often to make fixes, this will be a change for them and their grades. Each evening,I will input scores from the daily work into infinite campus. The number of assignments I put into grade book will change each day. 


    If you have not already, I STRONGLY, STRONGLY, STRONGLY encourage you to download the infinite campus app.


    I use this for my own children and find it is the best way to stay on top of their grades. If your child did not complete their work, it will be flagged as missing and you will be notified. If your child scored low on an assignment, the score will be marked in grade book and you will be notified. If your child did a wonderful job, it will be marked in grade book and you will be notified.


    Students can make up work anytime until the end of the week, at which time I will archive all work. Missing assignments and poor work often lower grades quickly. Again, I strongly encourage you to download the infinite campus app and allow for push notifications to come through.


    Every day students have assignment slides broken down by subject that links them to their work. They also have a final slide to use as a checklist for work to complete. They are familiar this tool and should use it. I will no longer notify parents of missing assignments.


    Please understand that I need to focus my time after our whole class meeting on helping students who need academic intervention.


    If you are having trouble logging in to the Infinite Campus app, use the link below:




    1. Joining Seesaw


    An easy way to ensure your child has completed their assignments for the day is to join our Seesaw class. Use the following link to join and view your child’s work. You can see any work that was assigned, if it was completed, and their score I marked.




    I find the easiest way to view my child’s work is through the Seesaw app, and encourage you to download this as well onto your phone. Make it a ritual to go through your child’s work each evening and check for completion.


    1. Book Groups

    Next Tuesday (February 9th) I will be completing a drop off of a book for your child. This book has been checked out under your child’s name from our school library. We will use this book for the next 6-8 weeks during our reading rotation.  Please keep this book in a safe place, as it will need to be returned.


    1. Curriculum this month



    Strategy: Rereading

    Skill: Compare / Contrast, Cause & Effect


    Math: Fractions


    Writing: Informational Writing


    Science: Forces and Motion



    I have included an attachment to walk you through how to get onto infinite campus and Seesaw.


    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


    Take care,

    Cori Gallegos



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  • iPad Update Information

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 1/27/2021 6:00:00 AM

    Good Morning Families,


    Last night an iPad update was pushed out to all district devices.  At some point today or this evening, can you please make sure your child’s device has the latest update?  As a word of warning, this update takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

    Once this update is complete, please go into the manager app (pull down from the top of the iPad and search for manager) and force an update for Zoom.

    To do this:

    Once in the manager app scroll until you see the Zoom icon. 

    Press the button below the Zoom icon that says: (Re)Install/Update

    This will force an update for Zoom.

    Some students may be forced out of a meeting today when they go to complete or look at work in another app such as Seesaw or Google Classroom.  We will talk about this in our morning meeting, but remind them to be patient and just rejoin the meeting. 

    I am requesting that you help with this update by Friday to minimize distractions.  Anyone who needs help is welcome, as always, to join me in our Zoom call from 2:15-3:30 for help.


    Thank you again for your help and support.

    Take Care,

    Cori Gallegos

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  • Update January 21st

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 1/21/2021

    Good Evening Families


    Just four quick notes tonight.


    1. Tomorrow we will conduct a science experiment.   Students will use their Wonders books as a ramp to test the friction of objects.  Please have them gather 6-9 different small objects (pencil, penny, lego, eraser, etc.).  Think small as three objects at a time will race down their Wonders books.
    2. Tomorrow is crazy hair day.  If your child would like to participate they can make their hair crazy however they choose.  Remember to take a photo and tag JES on Facebook or instagram so they will be in the yearbook.
    3. Next week your child will complete the iReady reading test.  This will be the second time they complete the assessment and give us data about their reading growth.  I will be sharing your child’s growth with you in the coming weeks.  Students will take the assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday morning of next week.  Please make sure they have a quiet environment, a good night of sleep, and encourage them to take their time and do their best.
    4. Motivation:  At this time of the year many students struggle with motivation, whether we are in the classroom or online.  This year the struggle seems especially difficult for some of our class members.  While it would be easy to take our foot off the gas right now, this is also the time of year teachers see the greatest gains.  Right now, your child is being exposed to new content standards they have not yet been introduced to in earlier grades.  We are working on new reading skills, new math skills, and new science and social studies content.

    I understand their lack of motivation, and I acknowledge that it is difficult to be on a screen throughout the day.  I am making small changes in our day, but we will remain working together from 8:55-2:15 each day.

    Sometimes small things can motivate your child.  Give them a new spot in the house to work, or face them in a new direction.  A new spiral notebook, pack of erasers, or even mechanical pencils (always a popular item in this grade) can help them get past the slump.  

    If you could please continue to check in on your child’s work at the end of each night, that would be a huge help.  


    As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

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  • December 14th

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 12/14/2020 12:45:00 PM

    Good Morning Families,

    I just have 3 quick notes to share today.


    1. Thank you for grabbing your materials at our distribution day today.  If you were not able to get those materials today from 9 -10, you can get them any other day this week between 9-11 am.  You will need to call the school at 951-302-5199 to let them know you are out front.  Someone will come out to give you the materials.
    2. This week I will be dropping by special supplies on Wednesday afternoon. The students are working hard on a special project and will need just a few supplies from me.  I will place them in a bag on your doorstep and ring the bell.  I am happy to do a distanced hello if you are comfortable.
    3. This Friday, December 18th is a modified day. Students should be off of the computer by 1:35.  For this reason, I will work live with students until 12:15.  They will have 1:00-1:35 to complete independent work.  I will be available on the Zoom call to answer any questions.

    Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all.

    I wish you all a happy and healthy break!


    Cori Gallegos

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  • December 1st

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 12/1/2020 8:05:00 AM

    Important Announcements

    Parent Portal

    Please make sure we have your most up to date email in parent portal.  This is where all district, school, and classroom communication is going.  I cannot update your email on my side, but have included a guide on how to access the portal, as well as a video on how to update your email.

    Guide to access portal

    How to update your email

    Join Seesaw as a parent! 

    1. In a web browser, go to: https://app.seesaw.me/s/432-159-882
    2. Choose your child from the list
    3. Create your account
    4. Once you’re approved, you’ll get access to Seesaw to view your child’s work.

    Learning Update:


    This month we will begin our work on informational text.  We will focus on the comprehension concepts of main idea and detail, non-fiction text features (tables, diagrams, labels, etc.), and summarizing.

    Non-fiction is a weakness for elementary schools nation-wide, and our school is no exception.  Let’s work on this together!  Over the next two months, as we focus on non-fiction text specifically, please encourage your child to read non-fiction text.  Allow their interest be your guide.  Sports, crafting, animals, and science are all popular topics at this age.  Reading not only books, but kid magazines, guides (legos, robotics), and recipes are all important.  Remember that Epic has a wide library for online reading, and our school library will begin a drive up service in the coming week.


    We are beginning our unit on division this week.  We will link our division concepts to our previously learned multiplication skills.  The more fluent your child is with multiplication skills, the easier division will be, so please continue to encourage the practice of this at home.  Division will continue after winter break through the month of January.


    We are also beginning a new unit of writing.  Students will learn to write informational (expository) pieces.  We will learn the structure of this writing first, then co-create a writing piece before Winter Break.  After winter break, students will begin to research and create their own informational text, with guidance and support.

    Science / Social Studies
    We are wrapping up our second unit in both plant life cycles and government.  Students will review the three branches of government, review our science unit about seeds, pollination, and plant traits, and end the 2020 year with a focus on growth mindset.

    Community Mission of Hope Food Drive:

    Jackson Elementary is once again partnering with the Community Mission of Hope in Temecula, a local food bank that provides food boxes to hundreds of families in our community each week.  We have a bin stationed at the curb of our school next to the mailbox.  The bin will be out at 9am each morning and pulled in at 3:30 each day if you would like to donate items.  Even donating one item per student will make a big impact for the organization.

    If you are a family in need, please do not hesitate to contact the Community Mission of Hope at 951-444-1404.


    Important Dates:

    12/3 – Epic Wings PTA Fundraiser Night

    12/4 – JES dress up day- Disney theme

    12/7 -12/11 – Community Mission of Hope Food Drive

    12/18- JES dress up day – PJ day

    12/21- 1/3 – Winter Break


    As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


    or via Remind - text @2hdckd to 81010


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  • November 8, 2020

    Posted by Cori Gallegos on 11/8/2020 6:45:00 PM

    Good Evening Families,

    Thank you for your continued support and dedication to partnering in your child’s education.  We continue to make strong gains as a class, and are enjoying our small group leaning times during rotations. 

    Important News:

    Tuesday is Red, White and Blue dress up day in honor of Veteran’s Day on Wednesday.  Thank you to the many service members we have in our class community, both active duty and retired.  As a reminder there will not be any school on Wednesday in honor of Veteran’s Day.

    Please help your child remember to be back online at 1:00 sharp.  Some students are returning 5-10 minutes late.  With each math rotation lasing 15-17 minutes, we are not able to wait for late students, as we keep a tight schedule in the afternoon. Those students who log in after rotations begin (more than 5 minutes late) will need to wait until the following rotation to be let in. 


    Learning Updates:


    We are concluding our reading unit on Fables.  We have learned about the moral or lesson of a story, reviewed character traits and context clues (words that help us understand the meaning of an unknown word). Our next unit will begin after Thanksgiving Break and will focus on informational text.  In this unit your child will learn to identify key details, supporting details, and the three types of informational paragraphs (compare/contrast, sequence, and cause-effect).


    We will wrap up our unit on multiplication before Thanksgiving Break.  Most students are able to use many models to show multiplication facts, such as repeated addition sentences, skip counting  patterns, arrays, and hops on a number line.  We are continuing to practice finding patterns in numbers and are learning about the distributive property of multiplication in which students break “unfriendly facts” into more friendly counts.  8 X 6 = (8  X 5) = (8 X 1).  With the use of drawing arrays ( a concrete model) students are able to break apart facts into two facts that are easier to solve.  This will help with both multiplication and our upcoming unit of division.


    This week students are writing a fable which we have worked to plan together.  Next week we will ask them to do this completely on their own.  This will serve as their English Language Arts assessment for Unit 2.  Fables are short stories with key elements we have practiced identifying and writing, and I feel confident that they will do well.

    Social Studies & Science

    This week we will wrap up our unit on California’s four regions.  Students will be asked to complete a postcard from one of the four regions, highlighting important facts.  As well, we are completing our unit on plants.  Students will take a quiz in just over a week that will summarize the unit.

    Finally, we will be participating in a Pilgrim Simulation on the final two days before Thanksgiving Break.  Students will take on the role of one of the original pilgrims.  Throughout the simulation they will learn why the Pilgrims made the journey, what life was like for Pilgrim children and adults, the Wampanoag tribe who helped the Pilgrims, and the reason for the first Thanksgiving.

    Students will be in “neighborhoods” or teams and will work together to make decisions and solve Problems similar to those the Pilgrims faced.    Through their decision making and either good or poor fortune, neighborhoods will earn points which the use to build their homes, palisades, and plant fields.   

    It is truly on of the student’s favorite activities each year, and provides an interactive view into our history.


    Upcoming Dates:

    Tuesday, November 10th: Wear Red, White & Blue

    Wednesday, November 11th – Veteran’s Day:  No School

    Friday, November 20th – Tie Dye Day

    November 23rd – 27th: Thanksgiving Break: No School


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