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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

How do I contact Mrs. Gallegos?

  • Cori Gallegos (guy-yea-goes)
    951.302.5199 xt. 3019

    I check my email daily, and will respond within 24 hours. I prefer emails to manage only the "nuts and bolts" of things, such as letting me know your child has a note in their backpack, letting me know they are out for the day, etc.
    Any questions or concerns I prefer to discuss over the phone or in class. For the privacy of students, I will not return phone calls during school hours.

What time does school begin and end?

  • The gate bell will ring at 8:40, signaling that students may enter the campus.  The warning bell will ring at 8:53, signaling students that it is time to line up.

    Dismissal will begin at 3:20 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    Every Wednesday is a modified day, with dismissal at 1:00.

What should I know about lunch and snack?

  • Snack time is important in elementary school. Please send in a healthy snack daily for your child. Our snack time is in the morning, so good options might include yogurt, cheese and crackers, hard boiled egg, fruit or vegetables. 

    For the 2019-2020 school year, the cost of school lunch is $2.75

    To sign up online for free and reduced lunch, view lunch menus, pre-pay lunch accounts and learn more about our nutrition program, visit:


What is the current class size?

  • Our current class size is 24.  We have 11 boys and 13 girls.

What does homework look like in your class?

  • Homework will consist of weekly spelling practice, math reinforcement pages (3-4 nights per week) and daily reading.

    Homework should constitute 20 - 3- minutes per evening. If your child is struggling with their math homework, please assist them and make a note on the homework.

    Spelling Homework will be send home on the first day of the school week. Students will take a preassessment on the Wonders Reading Program words. Based upon the results of your child's assessment, they will study te words highlighted on the back of the spelling menu page.

    Students will choose three items from the spelling menu to practice their spelling words (one item for each of the three nights they practice). Please circle or highlight the three activities your child completed and sign off on the squares. Students will be reassessed on the words on the last day of the school week.

When should my child stay home?

  • At some point throughout the year, all children will experience illness. Children should still attend school if they are experiencing allergy symptoms or common cold symptoms but are FEVER FREE. As long as students are fever free and ready to learn, I want to see them! Children should not come to school if they have vomitted or had a fever (without medication) in the last 24 hours. Small germs spread in a big way at this age. For the wellness of the students, please keep sick children home.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

  • Every child loves their birthday! Please refer to the TVUSD nutritional guidelines when sending in a birthday treat. We will sing, celebrate, and make sure the day is special for your child.

Do you participate in Scholastic Reading Club?

  • Our Class Scholastic website is up and running! Feel free to use this site as a way to order books for your child and earn points for our classroom! Visit the link below to start.

    Scholastic Book Club: Class Code: VYBW7