Class Supplies

  • Welcome to DMS 2019-2020 & Mr. Gerow's 7th Grade ELA Class!


    Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year and to Mr. Gerow's 7th grade ELA class!  If you are reading this during summer break, please be prepared for the first day of school with the following items:

    Class Supplies:

    • Binder Reminder/ Assignment Calendar (Yes, there will be checks for monthly completion)
    • StudySync Textbook (given after the start of school)
    • Silent reading book (grade-level appropriate)
    • Paper (loose-leaf, lined, college-ruled pref.)
    • Pencils (3-5)
    • Ball-point pens (3-5, blue, black)
    • Red pen for corrections
    • A few highlighters (pref. 3 different colors)
    • One-Subject spiral bound OR composition notebook (2 of these are needed)
    • Pocket folder or accordion folder for class hand-outs



    If possible, please attempt to have your child equipped with the supplies listed above.  If you are unable to provide these items or if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at (best/preferred contact)  or 699-8138 X1505

    How parents can help:  

    1. Email me with any thoughts, questions, concerns at (best/preferred contact), or call 699-8138 X1505.
    2. Check the Daily Assignment & Homework Calendar (found in the upper left-hand corner) often to see what we are learning and what your child's responsibilities are for this class.
    3. Keep your child well stocked with school supplies.
    4. Repeat step 1, repeat step 1, repeat step 1, repeat step 1, repeat step 1.  You get the idea, but I cannot overstate how communication will prevent school stress for you, your child, and for me.  The more we become united the more we will help your child develop the skills needed for this year and the years to come.