Grade Calculation (weighted categories)

  • Unit Assessment (Formative) -- 20%

    This category contains the teacher-created unit assessments that are given at the midpoint of each individual unit. 

    Reading Comprehension -- 30%

    This category includes the reading comprehension assignments that accompany the reading of a text and skill-lesson comprehension questions that support the given text. 

    Writing Composition -- 30%

    This category includes the short constructed responses that accompany a given text as well as the extended writing projects (essays) that accompany each unit.

    Teacher Created Support Activities -- 15%

    Grammar skills, vocabulary, core novel activities, and any other "support" learning that assists in meeting literacy goals

    District Writing Benchmark/Semester Final -- 5%

    This in-class writing piece and semester final are district created and common among all TVUSD middle schools