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Sight Word (High Frequency Word) Practice Ideas

  • Here are some ways to have fun while practicing your sight words!
    Jump On It! -Copy sight words on two sets of index cards. Scatter one set face up on the floor, leaving about a foot between each card. Place the other set of cards in a stack face down. Turn over the first card in the stack, have your child read the word and then jump on the corresponding card on the floor. Turn over the next card and have your child read it and jump to the next word. Continue until your child has jumped on all the words. Mix up the cards and play again.


    Rainbow Words- Turn sight words into rainbows! Ask your child to write a sight word on paper in big letters. Your child can trace around the word again and again, using a different color marker and reading the word each time.


    Read My Back!- 'Trace' or 'Print' a letter with your finger on your child's back. Can your child guess the word? Trade places, let your child trace a word on your back. Continue taking turns.


    On the Run- The next time you are going somewhere with your child, play a sight word game. It's easy, have your child find as many sight words as he or she can on billboards, signs and so on. If you do not have a sight word list with you, invite your child to read the 'little' words. You can play this game in the car, on a walk, even in line at the grocery store.


    Go Fish- Duplicate a set of high-frequency (popcorn) word cards. Each player received seven cards and then follow the standard playing rules for Go Fish. The goal is have matched pairs.


    Concentration- Create two of each high-frequency (popcorn) word cards. Lay the cards face down. Take turns trying to match identical words. The person with the most pairs wins.Clear the Table Place word cards upside down on the table. You can either take turns or be the timer for the child. The goal of the game is to see how fast you can clear the table by reading all the cards correctly.If there is an error, tell the child the word and turn it upside down in a different position on the table. See if you can play the game over and over to set a new record of how fast you can read all the words.


    My Pile, Your Pile- Place word cards upside down in a pile. The child will begin the game by flipping a card over. If the card is read correctly,they can keep the card. If there is an error, tell them the word and let them read it three times correctly. You get to keep that card. At the end of the game, the winner will have the most cards in their pile.


    In the Cupboard-Open a cupboard and take turns with your child, finding and reading sight words. Keep going until you run out of time, words, or things in the cupboard.


    Which Word Wins? -Sit with your child and look at a newspaper to see just how often sight words pop up in print. Ask your child to choose a sight word from the list and an article from the paper. Look for the word together. Highlight and count the word each time it appears. Try the same thing with the second sight word. Which word appears more often?


    Sight Word Sentences-Get out a stack of sight word cards and have your child choose anywhere from three to five cards and ask them to use each word they've chosen in a sentence. They do not have to use all the words in a sentence, but as they get better and better, have them choose two words at a time to be used in a sentence. You can have as much fun with this game as you want including asking them for certain types of sentences including rhyming ones.


    Sight Word Train-Place the sight words in a line on the table and have your child read the words in order, if they mispronounce a word, have them start again at the beginning. They repeat these trains of words until they go all the way through and say each one correctly. This game can be a little tricky, but have a reward waiting for them at the end of the line and it will encourage them to practice their words.


    POW!- Mix up the cards and put them all in the can. Each person playing picks a card and reads it out loud. If s/he is correct s/he can keep the card, and it is the next person's turn. The object is to have the most cards at the end of the game. Write POW on some cards. When a player chooses "POW!" s/he has to read "POW!" in a loud voice and put ALL of their cards back in the can. A player may have to lose their turn or take another turn if s/he pulls one of those cards. There will be lots of laughing and anybody can win, not just the best reader, because of the element of chance in the game. The game ends when all cards are gone.