Algebra 2

  • Welcome to Algebra 2!

  • hello peoples! here are the notes from this week. Knock yourself out!

    here it is!

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  • Howdy A2 Peeps! Here is the PDF of the solutions for the Unit 2 Review Packet. 

     *NOTE: There is a mistake on the Free Response for Vertex form, Standard form, and Factored form. The a value for each should be negative, since the parabola is facing down.

    Make sure you have this before converting to standard form!*

    I'm sorry for missing Friday, I was deathly ill! I'll see ya'll Tuesday which is when your Unit 2 test is.


    Please look over the solutions. First you'll see just the answers, but if you scroll further, you'll find IN DEPTH SOLUTIONS with all work shown, descriptions of why, and more. (Done on graph paper). I hope this is helpful for you. Study on! See you Tuesday!

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  • Hey peoples! Our unit 1 exam will be Thursday, October 3rd.

    In addition to studying the review packet, I am posting solutions so that you can best prepare for the first unit test.


    The solutions can be found HERE!

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