Regular size backpack (please label with name)

    Earbuds/headphones for use with iPads (Note: 3.5 mm plugs only ~ NO BLUETOOTH as these will not work with school devices)

    iPAD stylus

    1 Folder to hold loose papers

    4 pencils to start the year (mechanical ones are fine)


    Pencil sharpener that collects shavings for regular pencils (no battery powered please)

    12-pack of Crayola colored pencils

    10-pack Crayola Classic markers

    watercolor set (8 colors - Crayola or Prang preferred)

    2  different color highlighters

    3 black FINE-POINT BLACK Sharpies

    2 or 3 wide-tip BLACK Expo markers

    Old, clean sock to use as a white-board eraser (Teachers have white boards for students already)



    They are unnecessary and take up too much space.


    Pencil box provided by teacher. 

    Please do not bring in pencil boxes or pouches as there is simply not enough space!