• Class donations:

    Kleenex tissues

    Expo markers (dark colors)

    Lined paper

    Graph paper

    Copy paper

    Clorox disinfectant wipes

    Hand Sanitizer



  • Dear families,

    We could really use your help in providing and maintaining these supplies throughout the school year. Helping with these items assists us in stretching our supply budget for the year and providing many special learning experiences for our students! We appreciate anything you are able to provide. :)


    Supplies to keep at school:

    Ticonderoga pencils

    Personal whiteboard/ dry erase board (larger size, 8x12/16 or similar)

    Dry erase markers- LOTS! (dark colors), and a sock (to be used as an eraser)

    Highlighters of multiple colors


    One pack of black fine point Sharpies

    Elmer's white glue bottles (2)

    3 Composition books (not spiral notebooks)

    2 inch 3-ring binder (this will go back and forth from school to home)

    Lined paper

    Graph paper

    Reusable water bottle

    Earbuds or Headphones