7th Grade Science

  • This course encompasses an integrated approach to science as reflected by the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards. Our emphasis is on “doing” science rather than “memorizing” scientific facts. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for the authentic inquiry to mimic the world of real science. Throughout the year, students may be asked to complete projects that demonstrate key class concepts. This may require students to bring some common, household materials from home. Please notify me should there be a problem in obtaining materials.  The individual units covered this year are broken down as follows: chemical properties of matter, chemical reactions, ecosystems, biodiversity and natural processes.

  • Important Links

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  • Google Classroom is our digital learning environment. It is a blended learning platform for schools that simplifies creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. Each student will be enrolled in a Google Classroom. The majority of assignment links will be located here.

    6th period class code: haj81h