Classroom Materials


    Organization is a key to success!  In an effort to transition into middle school, here are a few tips:

    1. Have one large 3-ring binder (3" or more) to be used for all subjects

    2. Have a 3-hole plastice folder with pockets per subject (These can be inserted into the binder per subject; one pocket for pending work, one for completed work)

    3. Have a 3-hole zipper pencil bag to place in front of binder for easy access

    4. Have plenty of 8 1/2 X 11 college-ruled lined paper


    For success in language arts, it is necessary to have the following supplies with you at all times:

    Pencils (non-mechanical are preferred)

    Pencil sharpener

    1 box of colored pencils

    Colored pens for correcting (not gel pens or blue/black ink)


    Dry Erase markers (2)

    Glue Sticks (2)

    One pair of adult scissors

    One 8 1/2 X 11" college-ruled spiral notebook (3-hole to keep in binder)

    Don't forget to have a novel with you at all times..please refer to Novels List...You will be required to read during p.7 intervention each day


    Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated! Some useful ideas: toilet paper rolls, white copy paper, college-ruled lined paper, colored pencils, etc..

    Thank you so much :)