Homework Expectations


    ~ Students must complete all unfinished class assignments by the time we meet the following day

    ~ Students must expect to spend time on written compositions at home to meet the deadlines; ALL written paragraphs and essays are to be word-processed using MLA format.  ALL written pieces of work are due at the beginning of the class' deadline...(Please come prepared to class. Students will not be allowed to run to the library to print anything during class time). IF a home computer/printer is unavailable, students must hand print, using MLA format, to meet the class deadlines.  There will be a reduced score for each day work is late (Save your coupons!).

    ~ Each  student will receive 2 Emergency Late Coupons per semester. These are to be redeemed within 3 days of past due date. These are non-transferable and non-replaceable if lost. If students do not use their late coupons, they may redeem them near the end of the semester for 2 homework passes, with the exception of a written piece.

    ~ Students must read a novel per unit (2 per semester) and the novel must be selected from the "Novels List."  These selected novels align with the theme of each unit. Students will be given notice of book report due dates (Each unit is 8-9 wks).  It is suggested to check GMS library, Temecula Public Library, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon to find the book of your choice. Mrs Violante will gladly accept book donations once you have completed your book projects

    ~ Homework will be posted on my website and on the classroom whiteboard daily.  It is the students' responsibility to write it down in their planners. Parents- please check your child's planner daily but most importantly, please check his/her completed work.  I do not collect assignments until the following day.