~ With an excused absence, students will be allowed the same number of days absent to make up classwork/homework.  For example, if you are absent 2 days, then you will be allowed 2 days to complete your work for up to full credit

    ~ With an unexcused absence, students will be allowed 3 days to complete classwork/homework for up to half credit

    ~ It is the student's responsibility to find out what he/she missed while absent.  Please ask your teacher, a peer (highly recommend exchanging phone numbers with a study buddy), my website, etc...

    ~ Please check IC  (Infinite Campus) for a grade report weekly.  Often, there may be a missing assignment that will affect your grade.  It may be as simple as forgetting to put your name on your paper.  It is important to communicate with your teacher.

    ~ If you know you are going to be absent, please communicate this with your teacher.  Please allow one week for your teacher to organize work for you to complete during your absence or immediately upon your return.