•     A small blue hand and a large orange hand holding an upside down red heart.

    Social Emotional Learning Team

  • What We Do:

    Serve as a voice for all students
    Guide families in pursuit of needs, goods and services
    Serve as a liaison between the student, family, school and community
    Report concerns of child abuse and neglect
    Assist parents in understanding children’s social/emotional needs
    Represent school position and needs in crisis situations
    Provide counseling to students and their families
    Provide an array of services to students and their families
    Provide consultation to teachers and other staff
    Collaborate with community agencies for the improvement of the welfare of our students 

    We Seek to Educate:

    Educate school staff and community on issues of cultural diversity
    Facilitate support groups in the schools
    Help students achieve maximum academic success
    Inform parents of aspects of the education process
    Encourage and monitor school attendance 

    We Seek to Communicate:

    Develop partnerships with local agencies
    Encourage and facilitate community involvement with schools
    Serve on committees and take part in policy development
    Build positive relationships with school staff, students and families