• AP English Language Summer Assignment 

    We are thrilled that you have decided to challenge yourself by enrolling in AP English Language and Composition for the upcoming school year. In order to garner some essential tools for APEL, we are sending you off with TWO SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS. These will provide you with an opportunity to practice some of the essential skills you will need to be successful in APEL. Please look over the assignments, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

    Come by and intro yourself with questions before 6/7:
    Have a wonderful summer. See you in August :)



    • Please read "Understanding Rhetoric" Chapter One (note: you must be signed in to a TVUSD email account to access this file)
    • Please also create a flashcard for each rhetorical device.  Make sure you have the term, the definition, a visual of some kind and an example.
    These instructions are also in the PDF. document below.