Frequently Asked Questions

  • TAVS Frequently Asked Questions

    What curriculums are offered through TAVS?
    Apex, Odysseyware, Canvas and Google Classroom are all used.

    Will students who enroll in TAVS be eligible to participate in Middle School and High School sports at their zoned schools?
    Per Southwestern Leagues policy, high school students at alternative schools are not allowed to participate in CIF sports. School-sponsored club sports (i.e., mountain biking) mat be considered by the individual comprehensive high school site. Please contact your home school's athletic director for more information.

    Will students who enroll in TAVS be subject to the same vaccine requirements as per the 2015 SB277 law? 
    Since students will have contact with staff and potentially other students, compliance with SB277 is required.

    How can students graduate from high school early if they enroll in TAVS?
    Students may complete more than six courses per semester (typical at our comprehensive high schools).

    Are TAVS students required to meet with an on-site teacher?
    At this time it is required for 90 minutes per week, although we can be flexible to accommodate students' unique schedules.

    How is PE handled?
    Freshman PE includes an on-line health component in addition to a completed log of physical activity which may include club or recreational sports. Non-freshman PE consists of a completed log of physical activity. 

    Can a student at TAVS take a class at one of the three comprehensive high schools?
    Yes. They must remain as a fulltime student at TAVS, but they make take an additional class at a comprehensive high school with space permitting.

    Can a fulltime student at one of three comprehensive high schools take classes at TAVS?
    Yes. They may take up to ten credits of  TAVS classes per year as long as the reason is not for credit recovery or for graduating early. A student who is unable to get the required courses into their existing period schedule may take an additional TAVS course. Please consult with your high school counselor.

    Can a student be enrolled at TAVS and participate in a club sport at a comprehensive high school (i.e. mountain biking)?
    Yes. Please check with the student’s home school.

    Are TAVS teachers credentialed?
    Yes. Our current teachers are credentialed in math, English, Spanish, science and social studies.

    Can students on an IEP be enrolled at TAVS?
    Yes. Students need to work with their case carrier to determine if TAVS is an appropriate placement. TAVS requires students to read a significant amount of material as well as to be disciplined enough to work independently.

    Does TAVS provide laptops/Chromebooks for students to use at home?
    No. There are laptops/Chromebooks available for use in the TAVS lab.

    Does TAVS prepare students for college?
    TAVS students who dedicate themselves to learning and studying course content with integrity and fidelity will find that they are very well prepared for college, as well as being well prepared for AP Exams. Our graduates have been accepted to many sought after 4-year universities locally and around the country. Our goal is to ensure that our graduates are ready for the rigor of college academic work.