Who Chooses TAVS?

  • Students choose Temecula Advantage Virtual School for various reasons.  Students who choose Temecula Advantage Virtual School have been and are:

    • Athletes. Whether training for the Summer Olympics or the Winter X-games, desert off-road racing, horse competitions, or traveling club volleyball, soccer, or hockey teams, TAVS has enabled students to compete at their chosen sport at the highest levels, while preparing academically for college and completing their high school education.  The traditional school would make attending class impossible for some athletes, and the flexibility of TAVS eliminates that conflict.
    • Artists. Since coursework and instruction occur online, students can prepare for and attend auditions or travel for film shoots.
    • Homeschoolers - TAVS is an excellent solution for parents whose work schedules or knowledge base makes it difficult for them to provide their children with a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum.
    • Early graduates. Students who wish to graduate early to take advantage of early spring college admissions, military service, or job opportunities will find it possible to tailor a schedule that will allow students to graduate as early as their junior year, early fall, winter, and spring. TAVS has the flexibility to graduate students at the end of every quarter of the year.
    • Students with unique needs. For students with the desire and ability to learn at levels beyond their peers, TAVS allows them to progress a an accelerated pace better suited to their abilities. For students who struggle socially, TAVS offers a safe and academically sound option free from the anxiety often associated with traditional school.
    • Students with other passions and pursuits. For students who just want to "focus" on school without the distractions associated with a traditional setting, TAVS provides that option, allowing students to arrange their schedules in order to have the additional time to pursue other passions and pursuits that interest the student.