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  • Regular attendance is an integral part to a student’s success. Many activities and assignments will be difficult to make up, and lessons will often be built upon the previous day’s lessons. It is necessary for ALL assignments to be complete and turned in on time.

    Missing work will affect a student's success on exams as well as his/her overall grade. If your student is absent, he/she will be able to and is responsible for acquiring missed assignments (CHECK THE WEBSITE FIRST. IT IS UPDATED DAILY. If a student still has questions ask a peer or the teacher). Students will have one day to turn in any missed assignments for each day missed; however, any assignments due the day of the absence will be collected upon the child's return. Students missing a quiz or test will be expected to be ready to take it when he/she comes back.

    Parents and students, please frequently visit my ELA daily agenda and HW   SS Daily agenda and HW as well as checking the student planner. (Students in my class will be given time on Monday to write their homework down for the week.)