• BYOD is "Bring Your Own Device," a strategy used throughout the nation, allowing students to bring a device used at home with them to school. TVUSD schools are allowing students to use their own laptops, iPads, and cell phones in the classroom. 


    • Signed BYOD Waiver form must be on file with classroom teacher (see teacher for form)
    • Electronic device CANNOT interfere with classroom instruction
    • Device can be used ONLY for instructional purposes (e.g., reading, defining a word, research, review games)
    • NO texting, emailing, chatting, or sharing device or headphones
    • NO showing device/screen to other students
    • Device screen MUST be visible to the teacher (i.e. laid on desk.) when in use
    • NO recording, publishing, posting notes, pictures or videos of ANY kind under ANY circumstances
    • NO sound should be heard from device at any time
    • Electronic devices may NOT be used outside of the classroom (GMS Policy)
    • Headphones may NOT be worn on upper torso, neck, or head, even when not in use
    • School devices should be treated with care and with the above usages in mind.
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