Attendance & Absences

  • Regular attendance is an integral part of a student’s success. Many activities and assignments will be difficult to make up as designed, and lessons will often be built upon the previous day’s lessons. It is necessary for ALL assignments to be completed and turned in on time.

    Missing work will affect a student's success on exams, as well as his/her overall grade. Classwork is collected and graded at the end of each Unit.

    If your student is absent, he/she will be able to, and is responsible for acquiring and completing missed assignments. It is the student's responsibility to check for the in-class assignments, activities, videos, and/or notes from the day(s) missed. After they've checked, they may ask for clarification on anything they're not clear on during 7th Period Interventions (pass will be provided). Any handouts from that day will be available to the student in a designated hanging file within the classroom (materials are usually attached on Planbook as well). 

    Any assignments or presentations due the day of the absence will be collected and/or conducted upon the child's return. Students missing a quiz or test will be expected to be ready to take it when he/she comes back during 7th Period Intervention (pass will be provided). 


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    (1) Click on "Student View" in the upper right corner of the site

    (2) Students should use their Student ID number and usual Google login password (birthdate). Students should have this log-in information written on the first page of their SS composition books.