Attendance & Absences


    • Missing work will affect a student's success on exams, as well as his/her overall grade. 
    • If your student is absent, he/she is responsible for acquiring and completing missed assignments. All assignments can be located by going to the date missed under Modules. On the appropriate date's agenda page students will find instructions on what to complete (See "If Absent" on the agenda page), as well as links to any materials viewed/used for that day's lesson. 

    If your student is absent:

    (1) Go to Modules in the left-hand navigation

    (2) Locate the week in which you were absent. Example: Week 1 (8/15-8/19)

    (3) Scroll down to the day(s) missed and review the assignments/expectations under the "If Absent" column.

    If something is not clear, make sure to attend interventions to get assistance.

    It is the student's responsibility to check Canvas and complete/submit any missed assignments. Physical handouts will be posted on Canvas and students can print out at home, or they can get it/them for themselves from the Absent red hanging file folders on the classroom wall upon their return (printing at home, if possible, is the best since they won't have to wait to return to class). If absent for multiple days, it would be wise to print out at home in order to keep as current as possible.

    Students missing a quiz or test will be expected to be ready to take it when they come back during the next 7th Period Intervention (pass will be provided). 


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