Grading & Homework Policies

  • Online grades are available 24/7 on Infinite Campus, so don't forget to check them regularly. Please contact Mrs. Bush if you have any questions.


    • Classwork will be collected at the end of each unit for a grade
    • Classwork can be turned in late for a reduced score (no later than two weeks after due date)
    • Projects and/or presentations will not be accepted late (unless extenuating circumstances)
    • Students are notified well in advance of all assessments
    • Students are provided study guides prior to Unit tests
    • No assignments or assessments will be graded below a 50% unless missing (see comments in Infinite Campus for actual score)
    • Missing assignments will be entered into the grade book as a zero


    Quiz retakes are not permitted. If students have done the assigned classwork completely and thoughtfully, set aside appropriate study time (regularly/nightly), and used effective study strategies, students should be set for success.

    If a student fails a Unit Test (not a quiz) they can raise that grade to a C by printing out and completing a Correction Sheet within one week of the test being graded and input. It is the student's responsibility to print off, complete, and turn it in within the allowed time period. See teacher for a copy if a printer is not available at home.


No Substitute for Hard Work image

    • Classwork = 20%
    • Projects and Writing Prompts = 20%
    • Quizzes = 20%
    • Unit Tests = 25%
    • Semester Final = 15%
    • Homework = 0% (Effort Grade)
    Student textbooks are available online. Students can access their TCI textbook and other materials, such as vocabulary flash cards and content review games per lesson through Clever (linked on district and school website).

    Note: Students must be logged into their student Google account to access materials through Clever.


    The most frequent answer I receive when I ask students how they prepared for an assessment that they did not do well on is, "I read over my notes." Reading is not an effective study strategy. Check out what the experts say and see if any of these tips can help your child study more effectively.

    Studying 101: Study Smarter Not Harder

    22 Science-Backed Study Tips


    Rarely will there be homework assigned. However, students may need to complete class assignments that were not finished during the day and/or read the textbook lesson at home. That said, students should set aside time daily to study lesson vocabulary, geography, and lesson content (create flash cards and/or Quizlets, reread text, study lesson notes, etc.).

    Homework is not noted on the class website. It is the student's responsibility to write down all pertinent assignments, due dates, assessment dates in their planner (or online calendar). Students are also permitted to take a picture of the week's calendar noted on the board at the beginning of each week.

    Occassionally, homework assignments will be recorded in Infinite Campus. This is to keep a record and parents informed of homework completion to better evaluate whether this is impeding student achievement. Homework is weighted as zero percent in Infinite Campus.