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Someone Wanted But So

  • Chapter Summaries 

    Chapter 1 - Before Breakfast
    Mr. Arable wanted to kill the runt of the litter, but Fern convinced him to give the runt to her, so Fern took the baby pig and named him Wilbur.

    Chapter 2 - Wilbur 
    Fern wanted to keep and take care of Wilbur forever, but Wilbur had grown too large and was eating too much food, so Mr. Arable sold the pig to Uncle Homer for $6.00

    Chapter 3 - Escape
    Wilbur wanted to have fun and play outside his pen, but Fern didn't show up to play with him, so Wilbur escaped and caused a commotion for everyone on the Zuckerman farm.

    Chapter 4 - Loneliness
    Wilbur wanted to play with anyone he could find, but they were all too busy, so Wilbur lay down and cried until he heard a strange voice from above.

    Chapter 5 - Charlotte
    Charlotte wanted to help Wilbur by being his friend, but Wilbur was concerned about Charlotte's "bloodthirsty" ways, so Wilbur decided he would need to accept her for who she was.

    Chapter 6 - Summer Days
    Charlotte wanted to let all the animals in the barn know that the goose eggs hatched last night, but the animals soon learned that one of the eight eggs didn't hatch, so everyone watched in disgust as Templeton rolled the egg to his lair.

    Chapter 7 - Bad News
    Wilbur wanted to continue to eat as much as he would like, but the sheep told him that he would be killed as soon as he got nice and plump, so Wilbur began to cry and make a fuss until Charlotte said she would save him.

    Chapter 8 - A Talk at Home
    Mr. and Mrs. Arable wanted to hear all about Fern's farm adventures but became concerned when she told them that she could talk and understand the animals, so Mr. and Mrs. Arable thought it might be a good idea for Fern to talk to the doctor.

    Chapter 9 - Wilbur's Boast
    Wilbur wanted to spin a web and believed he could do it, but no matter how hard he tried he always landed on the ground with a thud, so instead Wilbur and Charlotte spent the rest of the day talking about the farm until he fell asleep.

    Chapter 10 - An Explosion
    Charlotte wanted to think of ways to save Wilbur's life, but Avery stopped by and tried to catch Charlotte and tripped over the trough landing on the egg, causing the egg to explode while releasing a smell that stunk up the entire area.

    Chapter 11 - The Miracle
    Lurvy wanted to feed the animals on the farm, but when he arrived to feed Wilbur he noticed a large web with the words, "Some Pig" woven into it, so Lurvy went back to the house to let the Zuckermans know about the miracle that had occurred.

    Chapter 12 - A Meeting
    Charlotte wanted to help the other animals come up with a new message for the web, but when a new word was chosen no one knew how to spell it, so they convinced Templeton to find a magazine clipping from the dump to help.

    Chapter 13 - Good Progress
    Templeton wanted to find a word for the web so Charlotte would leave him alone, but each time she returned with one Charlotte told him it didn't work, so on his third trip he found the word "Radiant," which Charlotte agreed to use.

    Chapter 14 - Dr. Dorian
    Mrs. Arable wanted to talk to Dr. Dorian about how strangely Fern had been acting, but after meeting with the doctor he told her that Fern was acting normally, so Mrs. Arable left the office feeling relieved. 

    Chapter 15 - The Crickets
    Wilbur wanted Charlotte to come with him to the fair, but Charlotte explained to Wilbur she may not be able to attend because she may need to lay her eggs, so after a discussion with Wilbur, Charlotte told him she would think about it.

    Chapter 16 - Off to the Fair
    Everyone on the Zuckerman's Farm wanted to get Wilbur ready for the fair, but some animals told Wilbur that he should make it difficult to get him in the crate so the Zuckermans wouldn't think he was sick, so he acted crazy and made it difficult.

    Chapter 17 - Uncle
    Charlotte wanted to take some time to rest, but upon arriving at the fair she noticed an enormous pig in the pen next door to Wilbur, so she told Wilbur about him and then went to investigate.

    Chapter 18 - The Cool of the Evening
    Wilbur wanted to not worry about the large pig, "Uncle" next door, but no matter how hard he tried, he continued to worry, so Charlotte tried to calm his concerns by telling Wilbur how wonderful and special he is.

    Chapter 19 - The Egg Sac
    The Family wanted to celebrate the new sign in Charlotte's Web, but instead, they were sad when they learned that "Uncle" had won first prize, so they began to cry until they heard a special announcement to bring Wilbur to the Grand Stand.

    Chapter 20 - The Hour of Triumph
    Wilbur wanted to run and hid from the large, cheering crowd, but he had nowhere to go so he fainted instead, so Templeton crawled out from under the straw and gave Wilbur's tail a good bite to get him back up on his feet.

    Chapter 21 - Last Days
    Wilbur wanted Charlotte to go home to the barn with him, but she explained that she didn't have enough energy to crawl down the side of the crate, so Wilbur remembered Charlotte's egg sac and convinced Templeton to go get it for him.

    Chapter 22 - A Warm Wind
    Wilbur wanted all of Charlotte's children to stay in the barn forever, but soon after they were born they began to "Balloon" away which made Wilbur sob uncontrollably, so he laid down and fell asleep only to wake up to three little spiders that decided to stay in the barn with him.