Counseling Calendar


    The DMS Counselors work Monday to Friday (7:45 am - 2:45 pm) collaborating with students/parents, teachers/staff, and the community to develop the best ways to support your loved ones at school. We've created an "open-door" culture within our site so that students feel free to get immediate support when needed.  Many times students can catch us during Break and Lunch, however, students can also reach the counselors by setting up an appointment so we can schedule a more appropriate time to meet.

    For a list of the DMS Counselor email addresses, click the About the Counselors tab. Students can also schedule an appointment using the Counseling Appointment Form tab by clicking HERE.

6th Grade Key's to Success Presentation Pic
What Are Counseling Working On During...
  • ...August 2023

    • Transition into the Fall Semester
    • Welcome Back Defender 101 
    • Scheduling-ensuring all students are properly placed
    • Meeting and scheduling new students
    • "Armor Up!" Campaign -short Academic and Social/Personal skill lessons for school
    • Staff Development
    • Scheduling
    • Follow up with Student Study Team (SST)
    • 504 Coodinating
    • IEP team member
    • Parent virtual meetings- social/emotional, academic planning, behavior contracts
    • 1-1 Student meeting social/emotional, academic support, college/high school/ career
    • Follow up with At Risk 6-8 (Social-Emotional, Academic and Behavioral) Daily/Weekly contacts
    • EL Progress Monitoring (Academics/Attendance/Behavior/SEL concerns)
    • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Counseling groups
    • Teacher Collaboration for at-risk students
    • District Middle School Counseling Collaboration
    • California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) development
  • Other School Counseling Activities this past year...

    • Soon to follow