Social Studies Vocabulary

  • One of my students' main consistent homework assignments is to finish completing their vocabulary words either digitally or on paper/ntoecards for each chapter. 

    To be complete a student must have the following for EACH vocabulary word:

    1) Vocabulary Word/Phrase

    2) Definition

    3) Picture/symbol for that definition

    *The picture is an effective study tool for students if they write the definition first, look for words in the definition that are familiar to them, then illustrate those words. Then by looking at the vocabulary word & the picture/symbol it is more likely that they will remember the correct definition.

    Completing this assignment will help students on the section quizzes as well as the final chapter test. Although these assignments' points are only in a category of 10% of the overall grade, it also impacts his/her work habits score on his progress reports/report card.

    Most of the time the list of vocabulary words are just the bullet pointed words at the beginning of each section in the textbook. However, the list is sometimes edited.  So if you work ahead, double check that the current lesson's words are correct.

    **It is recommended that students always have vocabulary words, definitions, and pictures readily accessible. (Students who choose to complete their words on Quizlet may want to print out the section's vocabulary words, definitions, and pictures and keep in their Social Studies folder. Those with smartphones can download the Quizlet app.)

    6th Grade Vocabulary Word List 2018-2019 (update in progress)

    7th Grade Vocabulary Word List 2019-2020 (update in progress)