Class Materials

  • Students need to have:
    • Charged Computer & Power Cable (bring daily)
    • Student ID # / Login information (should be memorized)
    • Interactive Student Notebook a.k.a. "ISN" (Social Studies workbook)
              **Social Studies Textbook SHOULD STAY AT HOME!  Save your backs! Classroom hardcover books are available, as well as online books.
    • 2 Sharpened Pencils
    • Simple Pocket Folder: 1 for SOCIAL STUDIES 
    • Inexpensive Earbuds / Headphones
    • Twistables Colored Pencils (or small pack of regular colored pencils with sharpener)
    • Small Pencil Sharpener (or spare pencil leads)
    • Correcting pen (not yellow or black)
    • Highlighters (optional)
    • Mouse (optional)
    Want to donate to the classroom?
    • Rolls of Toilet Paper (preferred over boxes of tissue...TP lasts longer and is more cost effective!)
    • Sharpened pencils
    • Index Cards (lined, small & large)
    • Highlighters, colored sharpies (fine/extra fine for projects)
    • Colored pencils