• Online grades are available 24/7, so don't forget to check them regularly. Please contact Mrs. Paden if you have any questions.


    *CLICK HERE for Grades (Infinite Campus)*

    *CLICK HERE for Social Studies Grading Breakdown*


    * A = superior work, very few errors

    (90-92% = A-, 93-99% = A, 100% = A+)

    * B = above average work, some errors within grade level expectations

    (80-82% = B-, 83-86% = B, 88-89.9 = B+)

    * C = adequate, doing grade level work, quite a few errors in work, possibly some missing assignments

    (70-72% = C-, 73-76% = C, 78-79.9 = C+)

    * D = below average work, many errors not expected at grade level, grade may be due to missing assignments

    (60-62% = D-, 63-66% = D, 68-69.9 = D+)

    * F = indicates serious problems, possibly missing too many assignments, poor study skill and work habits

    (59.9% and below = F)


    Using the link below, you can log into Infinite Campus to check your grades. If you have not logged in before, note the following about usernames and passwords.

    Username = Student ID (no padded zeros Ex 1000003560 or 900011111)

    Password = First Initial, Last Initial and 6 digit birthday (XXMMDDYY ex. jk122998 or rb041199)

    *When students set up their account they will need to set their security preferences and set up a valid email so the system can respond to lost passwords.

    Log in to the Infinite Campus Portal to check grades.


    If you have previously logged into Infinite Campus, your login information should be the same. You can log in here.

    If you have not logged into Infinite Campus before you will need an Activation Key. This will be sent to all parents using the email address that they provided to the district. If you do not know your activation key, please contact the BVMS front office.

    Once you have your activation key, please continue with the following:

    1. Goto https://campus.tvusd.k12.ca.us/campus/portal/temecula_valley.jsp (you may want to add this address to your Bookmarks or Favorites for easy access to Campus Portal in the future).

    2. Click HELP

    3. Select the following option: "If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key, click here."

    4. Enter your Activation Key

    5. For your Username, enter your valid email address

    6. Create a strong password


    Once you have successfully created your account, logon to Campus Portal.

    • If you have more than one student in our schools, use the SELECT A STUDENT drop down.
    • If you only have one student in our schools, you will be taken to the portal page for that student.