• Contact Info

    Raul: President   rauljrsalazar@gmail.com



    You can also talk to us by going to Mr.Novello's 

    Room 706

  • About The Club

    Our club is dedicated to allowing all fandoms to thrive on campus, even if they are negativly looked upon. Our goal is to turn our club into a safe haven for geeks and nerds alike, so that they may have more fun and find new friends on campus. We will be having collaborations with other clubs throughout the year, which includes but is not limited to: 

    • Anime Club
    • RPG Club
    • Film Club (coming soon)
    • Super Smash Brothers Club
    • Pokemon Club

    We hope that other clubs will come forward and propose even more collabs. If you have any ideas for the club, please contact Tyler Woolridge, Noah Harrison, or Mr. Novello. We are open Modays and Fridays at lunch in room 706.