High School Programs of Rigor Vision Statement

  • Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate

    Vision Statement

    The Temecula Valley Unified School District is committed to providing a rigorous, multifaceted educational experience that prepares all students for the demands of college and career.

    There is compelling evidence that participation in rigorous academic courses, such as those found in AP, DE, or IB programs, strongly correlates with student achievement, college readiness and college completion. Providing an expansive, multi-faceted, and accessible array of AP, DE & IB courses that are directly aligned to college expectations provides any willing high school student a solid and rigorous academic foundation needed for success in post-secondary education and ultimately, in the global workforce.

    Core Beliefs

    The following Core Beliefs serve as foundational elements of our AP, DE, & IB Programs:

    • We believe that all students can succeed in rigorous coursework when appropriately supported.
    • We believe that a commitment to providing open access to academically rigorous courses will result in students who are effective communicators, creative problem solvers and critical thinkers.

    Goals and Objectives 

    To realize our vision for TVUSD’s high school programs of rigor, teachers and administration have jointly developed the following three goals:

    Goal 1: Increase access to TVUSD programs of rigor (AP, DE, IB) for all students who are willing to accept the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum.

    • Increase the number of teachers who are specifically trained to teach and to provide ongoing support to students within the AP/IB/DE programs;
    • Offer a wide spectrum of AP/IB/DE courses across TVUSD;
    • Increase the overall diversity of the students enrolled in TVUSD’s AP/DE/IB programs.

    Goal 2: Increase the number of students who take the end of course AP/DE/IB cumulative assessment(s).

    • Eliminate the barriers that typically restrict students from taking the end of course AP/DE/IB cumulative assessment.

    Goal 3: Increase success in AP/DE/IB courses and exams.

    • Expose students to more academically rigorous content across all grade levels;
    • Engage students in deeper levels of critical thinking, problem solving, & complex reading across all grade levels;
    • Annually increase the number of students passing the AP/DE/IB cumulative assessment.