• On this page, you will find the minutes from each meeting of the CAP Committee. Please email Mrs. Gradstein or Mrs. Eagleton if you have any questions or concerns about these minutes.

  • Minutes from CAP Meeting - September 18, 2018

    Agenda Item


    Information Shared  & Feedback Gathered

    Welcome & Introductions


    Kelly Gradstein, Principal

    Mike Cruz, 2nd Grade Teacher

    Jessica Miller, Parent & PTA President

    Information and Discussion

    Please see Mrs. Gradstein if you would like a copy of the meeting presentation.

    Overview of CAP

    Roles & Responsibilities

    Cruz questioned when regional CAP meeting is. Tentatively scheduled for January.

    Cruz questioned if feedback and information can be gathered from other schools about what they are spending the money on.

    Miller shared that one of the benefits of the Regional Cap Meetings was being able to see what other schools discussed.

    Gradstein shared that she will reach out to other similar sites to see what they are spending the money on once Data Analysis is complete.

    Annual Plan for Meetings

    No questions or feedback at this time

    Input / Feedback (General)

    Gradstein shared that preliminary data analysis suggests that some subgroups may not be underperforming other groups. The data analysis will clarify where support is needed.

    Cruz questioned if support will be provided to subgroups who have shown improvement.

    Gradstein clarified that the funds should be allocated toward areas of needed improvement.

    Miller asked if funds can be used to support the Homework Club which is currently in operation.

    Gradstein shared that she would like to consider the option of hiring Certificated Staff for the Homework Club which would not be possible without additional funding. The Homework Club could have reserved seats for students within the significant subgroups in need of support.

    Gradstein also shared that she had spoken to Certificated Staff Members about Parent Nights. In the two previous years of CAP discussions, this was brought up as an area of need.

    Gradstein also brought up the idea of the Social Worker offering a Parent Workshop to support the Social Emotional needs of our students. This was also discussed in previous CAP meetings.

    Input / Feedback (ELAC)

    Gradstein discussed the possibility of adding before or after-school language acquisition support if the data indicated it was necessary.

    Miller suggested tying this in with the Homework Club.

    Gradstein shared that it is important to make sure that EL students have access to all offered supports should they need them.


    Gradstein shared that the minutes will be posted on the PES website.

    Miller shared that some parents may not have access to or be reading the weekly school bulletin.

    Gradstein shared that she will post on the website, in the weekly bulletin, and make a BlackBoard call reminding parents to read the weekly bulletin & visit the new website for information.

    Gradstein will also make sure to share this information with new parents at the event next Tuesday, September 25th.

    Miller, Cruz & Gradstein agreed to continue to advertise meetings in the Wednesday Envelope, on the website, on the PTA calendar, on the PTA Facebook Page, at the PTA Executive Board Meeting, at the PTA Association Meeting on 10/19, on the PES Master Calendar, on the Marquee, in the Panther Planner, and via Blackboard (phone calls) to increase CAP meeting attendance.

    Gradstein will also remind staff at Staff Meetings, in the Staff Weekly Bulletin, in Leadership Meetings, and on the staff WhiteBoard.

    Gradstein, Cruz & Miller agreed to try other incentives for increasing participation if these are not effective.

  • Minutes from CAP Meeting - October 23, 2018

    Agenda Item


    Information Shared  & Feedback Gathered

    Welcome & Introductions


    Kelly Gradstein, Principal, Parent

    Christine Eagleton, Assistant Principal

    Jessica Miller, Parent & PTA President

    Mike Cruz, 2nd Grade Teacher

    Steve Molstre, 4/5 Combo Teacher

    Iris Zuniga, Parent

    Amy Jordan, PTA Member and Executive Board Member  and Parent

    Kris Druhe, SDC Teacher

    Mrs. Gradestein reviewed meeting objectives (stated in presentation) and agenda.

    Information and Discussion

    Please see Mrs. Gradstein if you would like a copy of the meeting presentation.

    CAASPP Data Walk

    & Site Goal Setting

    Mrs. Gradestein reviewed the dashboards and what they looked like, and that we have the numbers but not colored dashboards yet.  

    Mrs. Gradestein reviewed the site data for the ELA summative scores comparing 16-17 and 17-18.  She explained movement scores, either positive, negative or no movement from year previous year. Performance data was presented based on ethnicity, language fluency and special education program average performance.

    The group compared the percentages from 2017 to 2018 and discussed what stands out in ELA.

    It was noted that the group increased in exceeding.

    The group compared and discussed math.

    Mrs. Druhe noted that 5th grade had a big jump in exceeding standard kids. Mrs. Eagleton noted that all groups had an increase in exceeding standard.

    Jessica noted that third grade not meeting standard went down from 12.3% to 9.9%

    Mrs. Gradstein noted that ELA overall has a larger % of students exceeding standards than math when you add the % for each grade level. The data has been consistent that ELA is on an upward trend and math has always been lower. The question was what can we attribute the successes to? - Mr. Molstre shared:

    Students getting used to the test.

    Students getting better at word problems.

    Going into depth with students in higher order thinking.

    Mrs. Gradstein indicated this is our 6th year with common core.

    Mr. Molstre indicated teachers have gotten better at teaching this way.

    Mr. Cruz indicated that the district common assessments are helping prepare students better.

    Teachers are more comfortable allowing students learn in a more exploritive way.

    The common assessments were explained to the parents by Mrs. Gradstein.

    The parents agreed that having the homework club is helpful to help students in the correct way. The parents felt that homework club was helpful and is a good support.

    Mrs. Gradstein discussed the DF3 with the team. She indicated we want positive numbers not negative numbers. The students with disabilities went from -66.4 to -37. The CAP members filled out the data walk chart on the handout ( see attachment). Based on the data it was agreed that math looks like the largest need. The EL subgroup is consistently scoring in the lowest category and needs to be a focus.

    Mr. Molstre noted that the 3 major subgroups made improvements in the DF3 from 2017 to 2018

    The group noted the sub-groups that either declined or did not make movement in the DF3 in the area of ELA. There are 6 subgroups but 3 with significant concerns out of the 17 subgroups.

    In the area of Math - the group did the same with the DF3.

    The CAP group discussed how many students were actually represented by these numbers in the subgroups. Only look at significant subgroups based on numbers.

    The only significant subgroups would be socioeconomically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, Hispanic, EL, and White.

    Only looking at the significant subgroups for Paloma in the area of math, there were 5 subgroups and all groups made progress.

    The team discussed the specific resources we currently have -

    Homework club- originally created for EL students but all students had access and were invited if needed.

    ELD embedded in curriculum - Wonders

    How are resources used - teacher made recommendations, either adult supervision or high school volunteers mostly finishing homework. Not necessarily working on specific skills

    Wonders curriculum - dependant on teachers implementing curriculum.

    What do we need to address - the EL group not making positive growth. Mrs. Gradstein suggested that we need to generate ideas for EL, special education students, and math

    Ideas presented to the CAP Team in order to develop ideas to take to stakeholder groups to get feedback and determine ways to spend the allocated money.

    Homework club- set up with MobyMax, specific skill development based on teacher recommendations, and homework help and work. Do we want to offer a stipend to pay teachers to help run this group to have more targeted help to students.

    Parent nights - have parents get help - teachers or other professionals to explain options to parents.

    Grade level help offered to parent

    Computer program before or after school for language development.

    Maker Space - build critical thinking skills/ club in the morning

    Technology progress monitoring programs to help students - I Ready, ST Math

    Teacher Professional Development - Math or ELD

    Revise Annual Plan for Meetings

    Meeting changed from 11/13 to 11/6 at 5:00 pm

    Input / Feedback (General)

    Form shared with the team for completion - based on data and ideas generated. The form will be sent to everyone.

    Staff, Parents, Student Counsel, ELAC, PTA to give feedback

    Input / Feedback (ELAC)

    Not yet ready to share. Mrs. Gradstein will share information with ELAC and bring information back to CAP.


    Meeting adjourned at 6:05