• We learn a sight word a week.  If you would like to keep pace with us, your child will learn 40 of the 60 sight words (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green).  You may work at your own pace learning the words.  I will be assessing the kids as we learn them in class.


    Red:  I can the we see a like to and go

    Orange:  you do my are with he is little she was

    Yellow:  for have of they said want here me this what

    Green:  help too has play where look good who come does

    Blue:  use not school  new down out up very be one

    Purple:  again pull fun make they could jump move there



    October 14, 2019

    We will have learned our first 10 sight words by the end of the month.  Please practice nightly so that your child can earn their first Red Rainbow certificate!  I will assess the first Wednesday in November.1


    Janurary 16, 2020

    Your child should have passed the Red words and we are almost done with the Orange words.  Please practice nightly!