• Chapter Test Retakes

    All retakes must be completed by Wednesday, December 11th at 3pm. 

    The highest score you can earn on a retake is 93% (A-).

    You cannot retake a retake and your retake score replaces your original score, even if it is lower.  So make sure you are prepared! 


    Step 1: Print and read the following:  Request to Retest Form

    Step 2:  Come in to 7th period and ask to see your original test (after we have gone over it in class).

    Step 3:  Find your Test Review sheet (this should have been done and turned in before the test).

    Step 4:  Print and complete the reteaching pages for the test you are planning to retake below (be sure to print all the pages from the correct class and correct chapter(s)).


    Semester One

    Math 7 - Unit 1 Quiz Reteaching Pages

    Math 8 - Chapter 1.1 to 1.5 Test Reteaching Pages

    Math 8 - Chapter 1.6 to 1.10 Test Reteaching Pages


    Step 5:  Check your work with the answer keys provided.

    Step 6:  Discuss with your parents/guardians.

    Step 7:  Study!

    Step 8:  Organize your work.

    Step 9: During break, get a pass to retake your test.  You will be allowed two 7th period classes to finish.