• Alternate Assignments

    You may do up to 30 points, that will be added to your participation grade. Due the 2nd Friday of December or the 1st Friday of May. 

    You must include a table of contents with including the points possible for each activity.


    Fall Assignment

    Option 1 (5 points per mini-test)

    1. Create a free Study Spanish account

    2. Link your account to my account  XN36C8DF

    3. Spanish 2 may do Mini-Tests in the grammar section, pertaining only to the Present or Preterite tense.

        AP Spanish may do Mini-Tests in the grammar section, pertaining to the Subjunctive and Perfect tenses.

    4. Print out your grade report, NOT THE TESTS, and turn them in on the due date. 


    Option 2 ( 10  points)

    1. Go and learn what your learning style is and what you should do to be your best.

    2. Take the test.

    3. Print out the result page and write a summary of your findings and what you should do to learn well. 


    Option 3 (20 pts) - Extended due date, until December 18th.

    Penmanship is an important part of being able to express yourself in language. It reflects the person and their attention to detail. This penmanship packet will need to be printed out and completed for credit. It is an optional alternate assignment that will make a difference in your writing.I encourage all my students to complete this assignment.


    Spring Assignment

    You may do up to 30 points of cultural activities here.