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What to do if you are absent

  • What do I do when I’m absent or have missed Mrs. Kelly’s class for any reason?

    • How long do I have to make up my absent work? What about work I have merely “neglected” to turn in on time?

    First, I follow the TVUSD policy for absent make-up work: Students will have 2 days for every day absent to make up their assignments and missed homework. For example, if you are absent Monday, and you return on Tuesday, then Tuesday is day one, and Wednesday is day two. Your work from Monday will be due on Wednesday. However, if you fail to turn your work in on time due to negligence, no-name papers, then once again you have two days to do so, but you will only receive 50% of the credit earned.

    • Where do I find the handouts I missed during my absence or time away from language arts period?

    Handouts of any kind can always be found in the “black box” on our outside counter. These worksheets are here for the week, so make sure you get what you need immediately upon return. Items that are important to the entire year (ex. syllabus, independent reading plan, first day parent letter) can all be found as links above so that you may print another at home, if need be.

    • How will I know what I missed?

    While the “black box” will always contain any handouts you missed, our website, as well as the whiteboard in class, will always show what homework was assigned, as well as the nuts and bolts of the lesson each day in class. It’s always a good idea to have the phone number of a buddy you can call and ask, as well. 

    • How do I know what to make up if notes were taken in our comp book?

    When absent, it will be solely your responsibility to make up notes by copying them from a friend, or coming to me during intervention class to make them up :-). I check these in class, they are usually used on tests (open notes!) so, accurate notes reflect your grade, and neatness/completeness counts!

    • What if I need Mrs. Kelly to explain something to me I don’t understand?

    I am always here for you! You can come and see me during intervention period Tuesday-Friday. Your intervention teacher must take your attendance first, and then issue you a pass. You can also email me, ask a friend, or make an appointment with me to visit after school for clarification.