• Sharing is a great way to help develop your child’s listening and speaking skills.  Our class will participate in a weekly sharing program that corresponds to our focus letter of the week.  Your child will be assigned a share day and will share on the same day each week. 

    You will need to assist your child in preparing their share bag. Your child will need to find something that starts with the letter sound we are working on that week and place it in a small paper lunch bag or small recycled bag. Practice the share bag with your child several times before their share day using the following script:

    “Hello! My name is _________.  I have something in my _____ bag that starts with the sound ______.”  Your child will then give us three clues about the object that are DESCRIPTIVE.  For example, if the letter of the week is “P” they would say:

    “Hello! My name is John.  I have something in my “P” bag that starts with the sound /p/. It can live on a farm.  It has a curly tail and snout.  Some people keep them as pets.  Can you guess what’s in my “P” bag?”

    Students will then have the opportunity to ask more questions about your child’s share bag, and your child will answer the questions.  For example:  Can it oink?  Does it have hooves? How big is it?

    Please make sure that your child’s clues are unique to the item and descriptive enough that the other students will be able to guess the item.  Please discourage your child from using ambiguous clues such as, “It is pretty.  I like it.  I sleep with it.  My mom gave it to me.”

    Share Schedule

    Tuesday- Andy, Avanny, Blake, Camila, Celeste, Dean, Dominic, Ian

    Wednesday- Isaiah, Jacob, Jaxon, Jerry, Kaidan, Leo, Leslie, Liliana

    Thursday- Mikayla, Nevaeh, Noah, Revé, Zach, Zayne

    Friday- Eagle of the Week

    *If there is no school on your child’s share day, they will simply skip that week.  Due to the limited time in our schedule, we do not make up sharing if your child is sick or forgets their share.

    This is a list of the order that we will be learning our letters.  Please refer to it to see what letter to share. 

    9/19- L

    9/26- O

    10/3- H

    10/10- G

    10/17- C

    10/24- D

    10/31- T

    11/7- I

    11/14- J

    11/28- K

    12/5- P

    12/12- Free Choice 

    1/9- B

    1/16- R

    1/23- F

    1/30- N

    2/6- E

    2/13- S (Our last week of sharing!)