I believe that classroom management begins with building relationships. I encourage, promote and build respect and caring relationships with students, who in turn share these ideals with each other. We are a team, who depend on on one another to motivate personal responsibility and growth in academic, personal and emotional areas. 

    Positive Reinforcement
    Praise and rewards are used to help motivate students to make good choices. Our "How was your day ?" chart helps students to keep on track, reflect and correct their course. Each day students begin a with Good Green card and can easily work their way to Super Blue, and Awesome Purple. Rewards are received for Blue and Purple cards. Students who forgot or choose to not follow the class expectations, will receive consequences, such as changing cards to Yellow (warning) or Red (Uh,Oh!) Parents will be contacted when Red cards are received. 2 or more Red cards in a week will lead to Study Hall on Fridays.
    I love sending home positive notes, emails and phone calls to excellent students! Eagle Feathers, Smelly Spots, Teacher Coupons and Class Fuzzies (cooperation/helpfulness) as well as trips to the class Treasure Chest are available to reward students for demonstrating positive behavior, as well as demonstrating pro-social skills (sharing, helpfulness, kindness).