• Class Information


    Adult volunteers are an important part of the educational programs at TLES. One adult is needed daily (Monday-Friday) from 9:15 am to 10:50 am. Volunteers will be working with students in small groups to review and practice skills.

    In addition, volunteers are appreciated to help with classroom prep work as needed and to prepare Friday Folders. (Fridays at 9 am).

    Adults who volunteer must have completed the Volunteer Pack available in the front office.


    Birthdays are a very special part of a child’s life.  However, TLES does not allow for birthday celebrations at school.  Such celebrations detract from the learning environment and can create an uncomfortable situation for children and parents whose families are unable to provide an at-school celebration.  TLES encourages students who wish to celebrate their birthday by donating a book to the library in honor of their special day. These donations will be recognized at the Friday Assembly at the beginning of each month.  All students will be recognized the Friday prior to their birthday at the Friday Assembly and will receive a special birthday pencil. Students will be recognized in class with a song and a small gift.


    Please note that balloons are not permitted as they are a distraction to the learning environment and some students have latex allergies.Celebrating birthdays by bringing food items is definitely NOT allowed.  

    Water Bottles and Snacks

    Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles filled each day. Please ensure your child's name is clearly marked on the bottle. All water bottles will be kept inside the classroom in the Hydration Station Tub. Students are not permitted to keep water bottles at their desk but may get drinks when needed.


    Students should bring a healthy snack each day to be consumed during our snack break.  Please do not send candy