• The Temecula Valley High School Diploma program has three formats: (1) classroom setting, (2) independent study, and (3) online courses. The classroom program allows you to earn credits by doing coursework at school.The independent study program and online options allow you to earn credits towards a high school diploma by doing coursework outside of class and meeting with the teacher once per week. Once you are enrolled in one of these programs, you are also welcome to come to the Adult School whenever you need a quiet place to study, additional help on an assignment, access to a computer, or mathematics tutoring.

     NOTE: There are no classroom options during TVUSD campus closures.



    *  Age: 18 or older 

    *  Have a form of identification with a photo 

    *  Pay $60.00 cash for a refundable book deposit 

    *  Meet with instructor on a regular basis to remain in the program 

    * Complete 175 required course credits (See Below)  



    *  Present an official copy of your high school transcript and photo ID 

    *  Pay the book deposit 

    *  Complete the registration forms, a survey, and math/reading assignments 

    *  Meet with the teacher to set goals, plan a teacher/ student meeting schedule, and receive your text book or online homework assignment.


    Required Course Credits   NOTE:  During the regular 2020-21 school year, adult student MAY be eligible to graduate with fewer English, math, and elective credits (130). Call for details.

    Subject Area     Credits Required                  

    English 9                      10.0                            

    English 10                    10.0                            

    English 11                    10.0                            

    English 12                    10.0                            

    World History               10.0                            

    U.S. History                  10.0                            

    Government                   5.0                            

    Economics                      5.0                                        

    Algebra                         10.0                                        

    Mathematics                 20.0

    Life Science                   10.0                            

    Physical Science           10.0                            

    Fine Art                         10.0                            

    Electives                        45.0


    Total               175  


    NOTE: A minimum of 5 TVAS credits must be completed in order to receive a TVAS diploma!