• First Grade Homework


    First grade homework is designed so your child can practice their reading at home with a family member. Each night your child’s homework is to read. Each day your child reads or is being read to in a small group for Guided Reading. Always read the Guided Reading book baggy first for homework. Have your child read it aloud 2-3 times.  Then choose a book from your personal library and read to your child. A total of 15 minutes of reading or listening to reading should be the goal each night. Once you have read, please initial your child’s reading bag log to be returned the next day.

    Sight Word Recognition

    The next part of your child’s homework is sight word recognition.  Each week there will be 5 “WOW WORDS”. These are the “WORDS OF THE WEEK”. They are taken from the 105 High Frequency list. Please practice these 5 words with your child. They are taught and reinforced by “SAY IT”, “SPELL IT”, “WRITE IT”.  

    Math Practice

    The next part of your child’s homework is math practice. Each student receives a practice book that accompanies our math program. Please help your child work on the practice pages in their workbook that matches our weekly lessons. See my weekly newsletter for math units and lessons.

    Spelling (Semester 2)

    Each Friday, students will receive their spelling list for the next week. 4-5 words will be taken from the 105 High Frequency list. They are words commonly used, especially in that weeks reading/anthology stories. The other 5 words are taken from that week's phonics practice. They will  usually have the same vowel pattern.


    This is your child’s homework each week.  The reading is nightly and your initials on their daily reading chart will show me they’ve read. This is the only homework that needs to be returned. Please return their reading baggy EVERYDAY

    Thank You For Your Support!